Signifty is poised to bring social impact into the mainstream through NFTs

Signifty is poised to bring social impact into the mainstream through NFTs


Signifty, an NFT platform, embarks on its mission to bring social impact into the mainstream through celebrity NFTs. Until now, NFTs have been viewed as a hyped digital art investment in addition to their integration with games. But one startup thinks it’s found an untapped application for NFTs that’s more than just profit or entertainment. significant insists there is a place for NFTs in the philanthropic sector, where they can be used to raise money for charities ranging from environmental projects to humanitarian initiatives.

Signifty is poised to bring social impact into the mainstream through NFTs

And to achieve its goal, Signifty is partnering with celebrities and famous people whose stardust will transform the humble NFT into a vehicle for positive change. Signifty intends to create a community of like-minded people trying to create meaningful change in the world.

Art meets heart

The concept that Signifty adheres to with its platform goes like this. Celebrities have philanthropic causes that are close to their hearts. NFTs have the ability to form passionate communities around common interests. Signifty aims to channel the power of fans into a powerful force for social change through the use of “missions.” These are celebrity-fronted campaigns that have been approved by the project’s Good Deeds Center, which is creating an NFT collection around the concept, with funds going to charity.

For example, imagine Popstar X wants to protect Javan rhinos, an endangered species in Ujung Kulon National Park. Custom content in the form of the star’s audio, video, art, signature, letter or personal items is digitized by Signifty, converted into an NFT collection and then made available to the public. The mission will detail the fundraising goals, what can be achieved with the proceeds, and how the NFT drop will proceed.

In addition, participation rules are issued; The event may be whitelisted and take the form of an auction or a…

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