Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) – Johnson & Johnson settle in New Hampshire

Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) – Johnson & Johnson settle in New Hampshire


  • Reuters reported Johnson&Johnson JNJ would pay $40.5 million to settle New Hampshire’s 2018 claims over the US opioid epidemic and avert a trial scheduled to begin next week.
  • New Hampshire accused JNJ and its unit Janssen Pharmaceuticals of aggressively marketing opioids to doctors and patients and misrepresenting their addictive properties.
  • “This resolution represents a positive step forward to ensure these devastating business practices do not happen again,” Gov. Chris Sununu said in a statement.
  • New Hampshire will spend $31.5 million on the opioid fight after legal fees are paid, and Johnson & Johnson will be banned from selling or advertising opioids there.
  • In a statement, J&J admitted no wrongdoing and called its marketing and advertising of prescription opioids “appropriate and responsible.”
  • New Hampshire was one of the few states not to join Johnson & Johnson’s stake in a $26 billion statewide opioid deal in February in hopes of winning back more through lawsuits of its own.
  • J&J expects to be reimbursed $1.5 million from this settlement since New Hampshire did not participate.
  • Price promotion: JNJ shares are up 0.38% to $165.97 on the latest check Friday.
  • Photo by Arek Socha from Pixabay

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