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Original White Widow Auto Feminized Seeds by Fastbuds Seeds

original white widow car jpgOriginal White Widow Auto is an auto-flowering Indica/Salfalfa hybrid based on a 1980s legend. The original takes its name from the large amount of resin that covers the leaves, petioles and stems. A very reliable strain, even the most inexperienced grower can easily succeed. Because the manicure strip is covered with resin, it produces excellent extracts.

Rhino Ryder Autoflowering Feminized Seeds by Fastbuds Seeds

Rhino Ryder 1Rhino Ryder is an autoflowering strain created by crossing Medicine Man (aka White Rhino) with ruderalis genetics. It is a medicinal cannabis variety that grows rapidly, ripens early and does not require special skills or knowledge from the grower.

Zkittlez Auto Feminized Seeds by Fastbuds Seeds

Zkittlez car 2Legalization in California brings a new marijuana craze, sweet at all costs. Dessert-flavored strains keep popping up, but nothing beats Fast Buds’ Zkittlez strain, created from the ultra-stable triple Zkittlezbackcross Z3 and Fast Buds’ auto-flowering genetic magic. Not to be confused with Skittles candy.

Original Skunk Car Feminized Seeds by Fastbuds Seeds

Raw Key Russian Skunk 0The Original Skunk Auto is an indica-based autoflowering variety that’s quick to finish. It’s a great plant for starters because it’s easy to grow and robust enough to withstand short, cold summers and harsh weather conditions. Plants reaching a height of 80-100 cm provide yields of 400-500 grams per square meter within eight weeks from seed to harvest.

Grandaddy Purple Feminized Seeds by Blimburn Seeds

grandfather purple feminized seeds blimburn seeds 0This strain is from California, USA, and is the result of a cross between Purple Urkle and Big Bud. These seeds will produce large-leafed, bushy plants with tight pitches and bright purple flowers. Grandpa Purple (GDP) is one of the most beautifully colored, flavorful, and potent indica varieties that has won numerous awards since it went mainstream in 2003. Grandpa Purple tastes and smells like sweet wine grapes and wild berries. This is an excellent pain reliever, relieves nausea, induces sleep and calms moderate to severe anxiety.

Zombie Death Fuck Feminized Seeds Blimburn Seeds

zombie death fuck 1Zombie Death Fuck is one of our newest creations, born out of a cross between our popular Girl Scout cookies and the great OG Kush in Los Angeles, California. The production level of Zombie Death Fuck is very good as you can harvest 400 g/m² indoors and 500 to 600 g per plant outdoors in 8 to 9 weeks flowering time.

Beluga Feminized Seeds from Greenhouse Seeds

Beluga Greenhouse 0Developed in Spain, Moby Dick was created by crossing Haze with White Widow. It is 60% Indica, 40% Sativa, and is an easy-to-grow variety suitable for both indoor and outdoor growing. In terms of genetic makeup, Moby Dick is 60% indica, but the effect is very typical, although it also has an indica weight. This is a good choice for indoor SCRoG, which will maximize yields to 800 g/m² during the nine-week flowering period.

Cloudwalker Feminized Seeds Greenhouse Seed Company

cloud walker fem 2Cloudwalker is a new hybrid that combines terrestrial race DNA with the flagship Mendocino strain. Its flavors range from fruity pineapple to sweet vanilla and earthy caramel. This is a cross between Punta Roja (a psychedelic Colombian sativa) and Mendo Breath (a greenhouse seed strain) (Mendo Breath x Purple Punch). During flowering, this strain stretches and easily doubles or triples in height, requiring support for the buds.

Sweet Seeds Green Poison Feminized Seeds

Sweet Seeds Green Poison Feminized Seeds 0Green Poison is an award-winning fast-flowering variety that is indica-dominant and easy to grow. This strain is very effective, forming high-quality shoots around a large central coke. Due to the size and density of the buds, this strain is prone to mold. This means it needs to be kept away from damp and humid atmospheres. Green Poison is a sweet and fruity strain that produces high levels of THC.

Big Yield Auto Feminized Seeds by Phoenix Cannabis Seeds

High Yield Auto Feminized Seeds Phoenix Seeds 0 1This strain is known for its amazing yield and short flowering time. It’s high in THC, up to 22%, and lower in CBD. As such, this highly potent and psychedelic may not be suitable for beginner smokers. Due to its enormous yield and relatively short height, this strain is ideal for commercial growers. This strain also has a pleasant fresh flavor and citrus scent. The Big Yield Auto is versatile and ideal for a variety of growers and breeders.

Northern Lights Feminized Seeds by Phoenix Cannabis Seeds

Northern Lights Feminized Seeds Phoenix Seeds 0 1Northern Lights is a classic strain, in fact it is one of the classic strains. It’s been around for decades and looks like a classic sativa but with an indica effect. This strain originated on the west coast of North America. The Northern Lights were created by crossing Afghan Indica and Thai genes. For this strain to reach its potential, it needs plenty of light and warmth.

Aurora Borealis AUTO Feminized Seeds by Sensi Seeds

Northern Lights Feminized Seeds 0The legendary Afghan Indica variety Northern Lights is now available in an auto-flowering, feminine form from Sensi Seeds. Northern Lights has been popular for decades and has been the basis for many other strains that are also very popular in the cannabis community. Strains such as NL#1, NL#2 and NL#5 and many hybrid strains. Sensi goes back to basics to bring customers the original, beloved strain in a user-friendly package.

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