How to take the cannabis industry seriously

Five years ago, after fulfilling my dream of becoming a Hollywood star, I set my sights on an even bigger dream – building a global marijuana brand and becoming a marijuana tycoon like the world has never seen before.

Some people don’t take me seriously. When I found out that business was really tough, they thought I was going to run away with my tail tucked in. Others have told me that the industry is full of sharks and they will eat me alive. But I’m from Hollywood. I’ve been “humanized” by the best.

Determined to be taken seriously among the many celebrity cannabis brands that are often nothing more than a photo and a paycheck, I set out to learn all about the cannabis business from seed to sale.

First, I did some analysis (yes, dog research analysis!) and found that consumer loyalty to celebrity cannabis brands is low. It hurts my feelings, but it also makes sense.

First of all, I am a person who likes to get the best weed at the best price. I decided to build a working class brand with affordable flowers.I got a manufacturing license, designed my packaging, sourced some affordable outdoor flowers, tested 24-29% THC, and I made my first batch Wilfred Cannabis Preroll.

Then I market my brand from pharmacy to pharmacy. Some people screamed with joy when they saw the big greyhound enter their building. Others took me to the nearest water bowl.

dog fight

I’ll admit, competing with the big guys, getting into the pharmacy and making a profit is harder than I thought. But as Dad always said, “It’s not the size of the dog that fights, it’s the size of the dog’s fight.”

I struggled to get to meet every purchasing manager, and when I won a store, I went there—in the state—to give presentations and take pictures with budgeters and fans. We all had a great time and I made lifelong friends and retail partners. Still, I’m a marijuana tycoon. Cannabis hybrids, maybe.

We moved from licensed manufacturing to a branded franchise model after being hit hard by a “lack of flowers” and a batch of pre-rolls that failed heavy metal testing. We were in talks with vertically integrated companies in five states when the world was in trouble, and then all bets were off.

Wilfred Central Business District

We had to turn to survival and soon launched our cannabis Wilfred CBD Smokes. For the first time, we can sell online and ship to most states in the US. Then we got into the delta-8 game with blunt weapons and fudge.I hit hundreds central business district, smoked, and opened stores across the United States and now has loyal and beloved retail partners in 17 states. This dog never gives up, no matter how many times he gets kicked.

There is no doubt that being an owner/operator of a company is challenging.

One thing I’ve learned is that to survive in this game, you need to adapt to changing circumstances. You also need to diversify your skills. You need this to be your passion.If yes, work 6.5 days per week
And never admit defeat.

If all else fails, dress up as a chicken and photograph yourself smoking a cigarette.

Jason Gann is the creator/star of the Stoner cult comedy series, Wilfred and CEO of Wilfred Cannabis and Wilfred CBD & Hemp brands.check it out and

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