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A virtual number (VN) uses IP telephony that is responsible for transmitting voice over the Internet and other services using the IP protocol. The digital conversion of analog signals reduces the requirements for connection speed and increases its reliability. Internet surfers use IP telephony by communicating via Skype and other instant messengers that support voice interaction. However, this technology is of particular importance for communication in commercial organizations. Let’s look at the business benefits of VNs.

Cost reduction

Savings due to the introduction of VoIP depends on the remoteness of branches and the location of business partners. As a result, the reduction in communication costs runs to 50-80%. This effect can be reached by means of several factors.

  • Bills of the telephone company’s services are decreasing.

  • There is no need to lay wires to get additional telephone lines, as the data is broadcasted over a single channel.

  • There are no bills for international calls, as negotiations with foreign partners and branches are conducted via VoIP.

  • There is no need to pay for communication between company divisions. All the branch communications are combined into one network.

  • Remote employees do not pay for calls to internal company numbers.

  • Implementation of new features and expanding the existing capabilities is almost cost-free.

  • There is no need to pay for the preservation of corporate telephone numbers moving to a new office.

  • The cost of administering corporate networks is reduced. A single network management is easier and cheaper than several disparate ones.

  • You can easily implement an Interactive Voice Response menu that answers calls from customers and redirects them to the desired corporate number.

High quality and safety

Digital data transmission ensures that there are no interference and other problems that are typical for analog telephony. This lays the groundwork for excellent audibility regardless of the subscribers’ location. You can encrypt the voice and video stream with modern cryptographic algorithms. This decision makes it difficult to perform wiretapping of conversations and other actions aimed at the unauthorized interception of classified information.

Extra features

IP-telephony users have access to a wide range of functional solutions. In addition to standard PBX functions (group call, conference calling, and others), VoIP provides the following features.

  • Receiving calls from the company’s website.

  • Recording telephone conversations and connecting to internal lines in order to control the quality of service, train employees, and resolve disputes.

  • Itemization of employee calls by number, duration, and directions.

  • Automatic selection of call routing depending on the type of dialed number (landline, mobile, or international).

  • Communication costs controlling and the performance of the sales department evaluating.

  • Activate Do Not Disturb mode during meetings or important negotiations.

  • Notification of users by speakerphone, with the possibility to pre-record a message and broadcast it at a specified time.

  • Set a phone number that is automatically dialed as soon as the handset is lifted.

  • Setting up automatic call routing.

  • Voice mail, which allows you to listen to a message from your office phone or receive it by email.

A VN owner can fully control and independently set up call forwarding using the personal account. It’s possible to set an alternate forwarding direction when there’s no response to the call. The company can choose a well-looking VN with a simple and memorable combination of numbers.

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