Catalin Kilofliski Decodes Gold Mining and Discusses the Importance of Diversification

Beverly Hills , USA , 02/24/2022 / Mission Matters Media /

For Goldplay Mining, helping people make money is essential, says its founder and CEO Catalin Kilofliski: “We believe we must generate returns for those who trust us with their dollars, and we do this through results and actions.”

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How did you get started in the mining industry?

“Mining, as an industry, is a very unique business, and you need to have an experienced and highly skilled business-oriented person in order to handle it successfully,” says Kilofliski, whose career spans more than 25 years in the sector. “Mining fascinated me because it is a higher risk sector that can often generate a very high return for investors. Mining has been my passion for years.”

He also says he believes the key to his own success has primarily been working with and being surrounded by great and successful people. “It is a teamwork environment, where we must work together to build the company’s reputation and generate success,” he notes.

When you say it’s a higher-risk sector, can you expand on that?

Stressing that only a few companies make it through, Kilofliski says it can be a difficult decision for investors to put their money into mining..

“They have to look at all the details, which are very important, before making that final (decision),” he says. “Not every mining project becomes an economic project. You could have an excellent metal discovery, but that’s about it. You have to find the next mine and it’s a long-term horizon.”

“The most money investors can make in the gold mining sector happens in the early stages,” he notes, adding that it’s important for those investing in mining to play the odds and take their time. “Diversify and then be patient,” he advises.

How can someone diversify within gold mining, and how can people find Goldplay Mining on the exchange?

According to Kilofliski, there are three things one can do when seeking exposure to gold;: buy physical gold through a bullion dealer and keep it in the safe for the long-term, invest in equity of the established producers, or go higher-risk and invest in the early stages of junior mining where discoveries are made.

“Goldplay Mining has been trading both in the US and Canadian stock exchanges,” Kilofliski says. Its OTCQB trading symbol is AUCCF, and the stock is DTC-eligible, which he says means trading is easier. “We are also trading in Canada’s TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol AUC,” he notes, “We have both a great board management team and a highly experienced advisory board. We recently got two significant projects in British Columbia that hold an important discovery potential,” he shares.

What’s next for Goldplay Mining?

“We want to focus on hopefully making a major discovery in British Columbia this year and in advancing our projects towards production in Portugal,” he says. Kilofliski also notes that the company welcomes new investors. To learn more about Goldplay Mining, visit

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