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Jaguars and snakes help Cuban children with special needs Reuters. The baby jaguar in the video is so cute!

Ancient solar storms devastated Earth at wrong part of solar cycle – scientists worry TheNewsMotion (Kevin W)

What the discovery of extra arteries means for human evolution Discovery (Chuck L)

Is it time to explore alternative and recreating careers in the medical field? MedPage (resilc)

How the kidnapping of an Aboriginal man on New Year’s Eve 1788 led to a smallpox epidemic Conversation (Chuck L)

#Coronavirus disease

Olympic snowboard medalist tests positive for coronavirus after arriving in China NBC


In ‘Chemo Brain,’ researchers see clues to unraveling chronic Covid brain fog STAT (Dr. Kevin)

Oh, but not what you think!

and…Long Covid: Hidden lung damage found in scans BBC

The physics of the N95 mask wired

Early data suggests vaccine still protects against sister variant of Omicron Statistical data. Kill me now. As GM confirmed:

“This week, the UK agency estimated that the vaccine against symptomatic disease was 63% effective against BA.1 and 70% for BA.2 for those who were at least two weeks after a booster shot.”

While this may suggest that BA.2 is less of a threat to vaccine protection than its Omicron sisters, the full range of estimates overlaps.

It sounds like:

1. VE reaches a constant value after 2 weeks and never decreases.In fact, it dropped below 50% in just a few weeks
2. 60-70% fighting symptoms (not to mention infections) is somehow good

and Ignacio:

This shows how low the threshold for vaccine efficiency is. A few weeks of protection without avoiding infection has to be considered excellent performance and justify massive stupid jabs…

From an epidemiological point of view, such poor results do not sustain a massive jab. Voluntary vaccinations are only offered to those who believe they are at the highest risk and cancel any vaccine certification programs.

Even if we don’t take into account the rare adverse effects, you do more damage to massive jabs than benefits.


Omicron’s decline may be slower in U.S. than in other countries, experts say medical page

COVID-19: Overseeing relief funds and leading the public health emergency requires major improvements high. Marim: “When you lose GAO…”

Fake vaccine cards are everywhere. It’s a public health nightmare. grid news

Big-name journalists trying to ‘both sides’ Covid New Republic (Paul R)

Biden presses for Medicare coverage for COVID-19 testing hill

In Super-Vaxxed Vermont, Covid strikes — but far less impact Kaiser Health News


IMF chief warns China over impact of lockdown, asks it to assess zero-coronavirus policy republic world. Resilc: “It’s so funny, and it’s not from an onion.”

Covid-19 pandemic sparks bank fraud epidemic The Straits Times (Paul R)

Canadian anti-vaccine truck driver heads to Ottawa, praised by Tesla Musk Reuters


Climate change puts the Winter Olympics on thin ice Science (resilc)

A federal judge cancels major oil and gas leases over climate change NPR (David L)

The era of new drilling in the Gulf of Mexico may be over Quartz (resilc)

Former Nuclear Regulatory Commission chair believes nuclear power is not a climate solution Edge (David L)


EXCLUSIVE: How Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics ‘Sports Purge’ Propaganda Reflects Hitler’s 1936 Berlin Efforts – Desperate Uyghurs Speak Out About China’s Cruel Repression of Minorities Ahead of Olympics Daily Mail. Anglospshere isn’t a bunch of people who fret about publicity, even if it’s just about right.

China warns of risk of military conflict with U.S. over Taiwan Financial Times. Why should the US be the only country that has fun with upgrading?

How the U.S. Confronts China in Myanmar Asia Times (Kevin W)

old blight

Minister calls for retired teachers to join supply register BBC

new cold war

Ukraine crisis: Don’t create panic, Zelensky tells West BBC. Resilc: “That’s Vicky Nuland’s plan, you’re just a supporting character (pun intended)…”

Ukraine’s Zelensky ready to meet Putin in any form, but not in Sochi TASS. Micael T: “Zelensky is losing it. Such an answer does sound insane.”

House Republicans demand release of Biden-Zelensky transcript Newsweek (Kevin W)

This is just the beginning”, Ukrainian activists warn One World Press. Micael T: “It’s comedy!”

west leaves mom’s basement Patrick Armstrong

Will Putin accept half a loaf of bread? Anti-war

Russia on the brink of checkmate over Ukraine Energy Intel

US warns Russia has enough military assets to invade Ukraine Financial Times

Google Translate will not translate linked articles. So much confidence in America. In Firefox and Google, I have a captcha challenge and it doesn’t get past that, despite providing the correct input. You’ll get a little popup about getting the original translation (not clickable) and improving it. “Improve it” looks like it might be active but it isn’t. Popups that don’t take screenshots.

FWIW, Helmer says Yandex Translate does a better job.


Israel’s ex-Army chief: US withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal was a ‘strategic mistake’ i24 News (resilc)

China’s Soft Power in Iraq: Speak the Language, Find a Job Associated Press (Kevin W)

Israeli soldier tied up 80-year-old Palestinian, gagged for more than an hour before he died, army finds Haaretz

big brother is watching you

Suicide hotline shares data with for-profit spin-off, raises ethical questions Politico (Dr. Kevin)

Empire Crash Watch

10 injured in Pittsburgh bridge collapse hours before Biden visits talks infrastructure Washington Post (resilc)

Emergency services use human chains to rescue man dangling from collapsed Pittsburgh bridge Australian Broadcasting Corporation (Kevin W)

Pennsylvania fuel tax for bridge repairs goes to state police why (dk)


Democrats in pajamas

Progressive Democrats say they’re not responsible for Biden’s low ratings, report says Sputnik (Kevin W)

Nina Turner rocking again Jacobin (hairy)

Republican clown car

Republican election subversion puts ‘hoax’ in Wisconsin Vice (resilc)

Now is not the time for passive patriotism Atlantic (hairy). Boy Hu: “A major party no longer accepts democracy.”

Pennsylvania court strikes down state’s mail-in voting law Reuters (Kevin W)

Our famous free news

The stupidity of pandemic censorship Matt Tabby

Fox News drops GOP on Russia Atlantic (hairy)

police state watch

Eric Adams’ ‘Blueprint to End Gun Violence’ Is a Trojan Horse slate

How not to worry about 7% inflation: Democrats and Republicans take note Forbes

U.S. natural gas prices rose the most in a single day Oil price (resilc)

are relative Duncan Weldon

Ohio pledges more than $2 billion in state incentives to Intel to support computer chip mega project (Kevin W)

Miller & Zywicki Misjudgment of Payday Loan Documents Adam Levitin, Credit. Levitin demands retraction of a paper!

Class struggle

California promises ‘social justice’ after legalizing marijuana.Those hardest hit feel betrayed Los Angeles Times (Paul R)

Mexican auto workers choose new union in landmark vote Labor Notes (Martha)

Police find 2 nursing home patients dead, 2 more critical after residents call 911 Police Tribune (marthar)

The antidote of the day. Wayne W: “Unstable”:

Check out yesterday’s link and antidote du Jour here.

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