States with the highest quit rates

source: Chamber of Commerce

Very interesting data series from the Chamber of Commerce.

I would sort it in a completely different way than they do; instead of treating it as an exit Separation percentage I prefer to look at the data in terms of total quits. What this gives you is a snapshot of areas that are seeing a wave of startups and new business development:

California led the nation with 3.7 million exits—and we can only imagine how many of them were new tech startups. The same goes for Texas, where many tech companies have been relocating for more space and lower taxes, especially in software, PCs and semiconductors.

Georgia, North Carolina, and Florida all have all sorts of new business developments, but I’ve seen migration from New York and Boston to these fast-growing financial outposts with better weather than the Northeast.

Places with a high concentration of businesses like New York and Chicago are now seeing many laid off/laid off workers starting their own businesses.

A lot of this is speculation on my part – some enterprising grad student might want to find alternative data series to confirm or disprove these assumptions as part of your PhD program – but this is my best understanding of what’s going on in these areas Good guess.

It’s an interesting data series, and I’m an interesting data series…

source: Chamber of Commerce

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