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San Francisco’s barramundi is the oldest living ornamental fish hill

8 Surprising Lessons Real Estate Editors Learned When Buying Their First Home real estate agent website


U.S. judge cancels Gulf of Mexico offshore drilling lease auction foot

Watch the stunning ecological restoration of the Channel Islands highland news

chaotic waters searchlight new mexico

The shit show in glasgow baffle

Secret Acres: Government Inaccurately Tracks Foreign-Owned Agricultural Land Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting

#Coronavirus disease

Knowledge about BA.2, a new omicron sub-variant detected in several US states ABC7. Comments:

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Some Americans are hesitant about a Covid vaccine.But they go all out for unproven treatments Statistical data. Let’s turn things around. There is a huge unmet need for treatment. Why do market failures occur?

Patchwork system for dispensing Covid drugs sends immunocompromised patients on ‘Hunger Games hunt’ Statistical data. Like the rest of the healthcare system?

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Contextualizing the risk of indirect COVID-19 transmission in multi-unit residential buildings National Environmental Health Cooperation Center

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Recommendations for nonpharmacological interventions (after victory The so-called “prevalence status” is declared):

False logic driven by “gentle” talking points is unraveled, one thread:

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How to properly store your home COVID-19 rapid test kits NECN

Where to buy N95, KN95 and surgical masks in 2022 now


China shrugs off IMF’s warning of zero-tolerance approach to COVID-19 Channel News Asia

This is the Evergrande ending of the outbreak of China’s real estate problemAdvertisement (Podcast)

Venture capital becomes tech battleground between U.S. and China Wall Street Journal

China’s middle-class taste for high-end meat is taking shape, imports surge South China Morning Post


Myanmar junta threatens to smash protesters with treason France 24

Myanmar has surpassed Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s rivalry with generals diplomat

Japanese government should stop training Myanmar army Myanmar News


Why South Korea’s Presidential Election Matters to America. Foreign Policy

Squid Games’ Strike Flashback Modeled on Our Real-Life Factory Occupation Jacobin


Ex-government workers mine in Afghanistan’s mountains in search of redemption French media agency

new cold war

China backs Russia’s ‘security concerns’ in Ukraine-West crisis foot

Russia criticizes U.S. security response, but sees room for negotiation Bloomberg

What the hell happened in Ukraine? Comment:

Ukrainian and American war propaganda Black agenda report. For example:

Biden administration

Home Office outlines changes brought about by infrastructure bill wildfire today

Crypto Skeptics Will Join Consumer Finance Regulators Bloomberg

The IRS should stop using facial recognition atlantic organization

Nancy Pelosi introduces landmark legislation to provide aid to struggling individual stock portfolios onion

russian gate

What does Clinton know and when did she know?Russiagate Evidence Establishment RealClear Survey. Walls are closing?

Our famous free news

New York Times polarized epidemiologist politics

Empire Crash Watch

The Army’s New Infantry Assault Vehicle Is a Useless Dump of Junk Mission and Purpose

For sale: CIA ‘black field’, terror suspect tortured in Lithuania guardian

supply chain

FedEx, UPS operate large Boeing freighter, FAA says vulnerable to 5G freight wave

A remote village, a world-changing invention and the epic legal battle that ensued foot


Chevron sues Steven Donziger nation. Comment:

case Jeffrey Epstein

‘It was disastrous’: Prince Andrew falsely tried to explain Epstein Vanity Fair


This NFT on OpenSea will steal your IP address vice

Miami Armored Vehicle CEO pleads guilty in $140M ‘dirty gold’ smuggling scheme Market Watch

Charm developers and Ponzi schemes that lure San Diego Bloomberg

Class struggle

Walking America: Washington DC (Anacostia and Alexandria) Chris Arnade, Intelligence

Seven Responses to NFIB v. Department of Labor Law and Political Economy Program

cricket’s class war forum

routine maintenance Harpers. lag?

Daily Antidote (JU):

Zhu wrote:

My friend’s best friend, Dusty the Adventure Dog @ Crater Lake.

I’m in a committed feline relationship, but if given the chance, I offered to become Dusty’s new owner, it was 3 months ago, and since then 16 other potential owners have expressed interest, which is the first time 17 Attempts Adoption happened last night at our trailer Christmas lighting party in our town when a lady told my friend she wanted his dog and was serious.

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