China warns of risk of military conflict with U.S. over Taiwan

China’s ambassador in Washington has warned that the United States and China could eventually go to war over Taiwan, his scathing comments pointing to growing tensions between the great powers over the island’s fate.

“If the Taiwan authorities continue to pursue the path of independence at the instigation of the United States, it is likely to plunge the two great powers, China and the United States, into a military conflict,” Qin Gang said in an interview with NPR. since arriving in the US last July.

Beijing has often denounced Washington’s stance on Taiwan, an autonomous country claimed by China, but Chinese officials rarely speak directly about the war. While warning of possible conflict, Qin also stressed that China is striving for peaceful reunification.

At a virtual meeting last November, President Xi Jinping told Joe Biden that anyone who advocates Taiwan independence is “playing with fire.” The US president says the two leaders must ensure that the rivalry between the great powers does not “Jump into conflict“.

Since Washington pledged allegiance to Beijing from Taipei in 1979, the United States has adhered to the “one China” policy, recognizing Beijing as China’s sole seat of government.

Over the past year, the Biden administration has eased restrictions on officials meeting their Taiwanese counterparts and has offered strong support for Taiwan as it faces mounting pressure from China.

On Sunday, the Chinese military flew 39 fighter jets and other warplanes into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) as part of an escalating effort to both pressure the Taipei government and train for possible future military operations.

China has airlifted more aircraft to the Air Defense Identification Zone over the past year, prompting Washington to warn Beijing that its support for Taipei is “rock solid”.

America insistsstrategic ambiguityUnder the clause, it did not say whether it would defend Taiwan from any Chinese aggression. The policy was designed to warn Taiwanese officials against declaring independence — which would almost certainly spark a Chinese attack — and to make Beijing think twice about any military action Row.

The Financial Times reported last week that, The Chinese navy has established a stable presence The first confrontation between southern Japan and eastern Taiwan underscores the growing military pressure on the island.

Bonnie Glaser, a China expert at Germany’s Marshall Fund, said Qin’s remarks did not contradict those of other Chinese officials, including Xi Jinping, who “expressed dissatisfaction with the trajectory of U.S.-Taiwan relations and Taiwan policy.”

Qin spoke a week before Beijing hosted the Winter Olympics. The Biden administration is boycotting the event to protest China’s policies in the northwestern region of Xinjiang, where the United States says China is carrying out “genocide” against Uighurs and other ethnic minorities.

Qin said U.S. claims of “genocide” were “fabricated.”

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