‘No more hiding’: Sanders says let GOP vote on popular policy

Ive here. Many readers like to criticize Sanders. But he attempted a hostile takeover of a party as an outsider and failed. And unlike Trump, he’s facing a party accustomed to playing the left and, thanks to a 14-year reality TV star, doesn’t have the national profile and perceived executive power Trump has the ability to do for The campaign was heavily funded and used a large private jet (which had a big impact on the barn storm in the last six weeks before the 2016 election; Trump’s campaign stops increased by nearly 50%).

The fact that Sanders, an independent, had to enter a Senate leadership vacuum on the Biden bill speaks volumes about the seriousness, and apparent dysfunction, of the party’s commitment to its stated priorities.

Note that we said a long time ago that when a transaction takes too long to complete, it gets a fail aura. As of September, the Biden Rebuild Better Act (what a frustrating name!) is clearly in trouble. Yet Democrats still acted as if they thought they could carry that body across the finish line. So it would be beneficial for Sanders to weed out the opposition, whether Democrats or Republicans. If nothing else, it could force this game over.

by Jack Johnson.Originally Posted in common dream

Sen. Bernie Sanders expressed anger Wednesday after months of futile behind-the-scenes negotiations on the Build Back Better Act, which he demanded for a response to stalled legislation. Individual sections voted to compel Republicans and right-wing Democrats to speak out against it with broad public support.

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Sanders (I-Vt.) wrote in an article columnfor hill “Surprisingly, the Senate did not vote on the ‘build back better’ package, the version passed by the House includes Raising the Child Tax Credit, plans to lower sky-high prescription drug prices, and major investments in renewable energy, child care, housing and other Democratic priorities.

“Outcome: The Republican Party was able to shirk responsibility for its reactionary stance, laughing now, for possible political success in the 2022 election,” the Vermont senator warned. “For the ‘world’s largest deliberative body’ Senate It’s a radical idea. Let’s vote. Let every Republican and Democrat take a stand on some of the most important issues facing working families in this country.”

Republicans haven’t been entirely silent about their opposition to Build Back Better as a whole.Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has repeatedly derided the bill as a “liberal wish list,” with House Republicans unanimous vote againstThe size in November was $1.75 trillion.

But Sanders argues that getting Republicans to vote on a single component of the legislation has even gained support. large percentage The proportion of Republican voters — such as plans to allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices directly with drug companies — is good politics for Democrats and good for the country.

“Eighty-three percent of Americans support empowering the federal government to negotiate with the drug industry to lower prescription drug prices,” Sanders noted Wednesday. “What do the Republicans think? Are they ready to fight the greed of the pharmaceutical industry that charges us the world’s highest prescription drug prices?”

“Let’s vote and find out,” the senator wrote.

Sanders has made the same demands for other parts of the Build Back Better Act, from Medicare expansion to paid family leave to tax increases on the wealthy to climate action — all of which, the senator argues has received strong support from the American public.

“This is an extremely difficult time for our nation’s struggling working class, and the Senate needs to act,” he wrote. “In our democracy, the American people have the right to know where their senators stand on the most important issues affecting their lives. No more endless ‘negotiations’. No more hiding behind closed doors. Let’s vote Bar.”

Sanders’ op-ed published as Democratic leader Signal plan Reinvigorate the Build Back Better Act in some form — and possibly pass different names–After Senator Joe Manchin (DW.Va.) struck down an earlier version of the bill and Require Party ‘starts from scratch’ and even accepts his own counter-proposal leave the table.

To make progress on core elements of his domestic policy agenda, President Joe Biden suggested breaking the “Build Back Better” package and trying to pass “most” of it, including green energy provisions. But given the constraints of the budget reconciliation process, it is unclear whether such a strategy is feasible.

“What the president is talking about is ‘big block,’ and I hope it’s going to be a major bill. It could be more limited, but it’s still important,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told reporters last week. “It’s a settlement bill. So when people say let’s separate … no, they don’t understand the process.”

As the path forward for the Democratic Party’s key legislative priorities is highly uncertain and as key pandemic relief packages continue to fizzle out, Sanders and progressive activists have sounded warnings in recent days that the party could be in the midst of a fast-approaching midterm election. facing disaster.

“After six months of closed-door ‘negotiations’ with these two conservative Democratic senators, it is widely believed that this strategy has failed not only from a policy perspective, but also politically,” Sanders said. wrote in the email To supporters Wednesday, referring to Manchin and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.).

“The Democratic base is now demoralized, and according to many polls, Republicans have a good chance of winning both the House and Senate in the 2022 election,” the Vermont senator continued. “We need a new direction, a new approach. We need to show the American people that we are ready to stand up and fight for working families in this country.”

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