‘No longer Mr. Good Guy’: Fed chair hints at tougher stance on inflation

[ad_1] Jay Powell has always said the Fed is willing to take out the hammer to keep prices down if inflation is in danger of getting out of control. On Wednesday, in his most hawkish news conference since the start of the pandemic, the Fed chair clearest signal However, such a moment is fast approaching. […]

Supply chain crisis is the only drag on Apple’s huge growth

[ad_1] Three months ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook accused “supply constraints”, as well as a crisis in obtaining high-end chips to make equipment, resulting in a $6 billion hit in revenue. However, the iPhone maker’s rapid growth has continued unabated.Earlier this month, it became the first company with a market capitalization of 3 tons — […]

How Germany went from Europe’s economic locomotive to its laggard

[ad_1] Germany’s former economy minister Peter Altmaier promised it would act as the “economic locomotive” that pulled the world out of its Covid-19 crisis — but instead the country now looks more like Europe’s laggard. For a while, Germany was a pillar of relative resilience, its economy shrinking less than most of Europe in 2020. […]

Europe should change fiscal rule book and aid ECB

[ad_1] The writer is head of macro research at the BlackRock Investment Institute Europe is changing its rule book. The European Central Bank presented a new monetary policy strategy last autumn and is putting it to the test this year. That comes as discussions about reforming Europe’s fiscal framework are getting under way under the […]

Full Spectrum CBD and Liposomal Vitamin C

[ad_1] Are you curious about the relationship between liposomal vitamin C and full-spectrum CBD? Then you’ve come to the right place! It’s hard not to go online without seeing the potential health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). Millions of people around the world incorporate CBD into their daily health and wellness routines. Another healthy compound you […]

THCB Gang Episode 80, Thursday Jan 27 — 1pm PT- 4pm ET – The Health Care Blog

[ad_1] THCB Gang Jan 26, 2022 Joining Matthew Holt (@boltyboy) on #THCBGang at 1pm PT 4pm ET Thursday for an hour of conversation on what’s happening in health care and beyond will be regulars medical historian Mike Magee (@drmikemagee) and writer Kim Bellard (@kimbbellard), and TWO special guests. Shantanu Nundy @DrNundy is Chief Medical Officer […]

Sri Lankan finance minister says negotiating with bondholders to avoid default

[ad_1] Sri Lanka is negotiating debt relief with international bondholders and is weighing engagement with the International Monetary Fund as the country battles a foreign exchange reserve crisis that has brought it close to default, Sri Lanka’s finance minister said. Basil Rajapaksa told the Financial Times that the government was “negotiating with everyone” and “trying […]

Tesla warns of supply chain constraints as it reports record profit

[ad_1] Tesla has warned that constraints in its supply chain will weigh on the electric car maker’s results “through 2022” as it reported a record fourth-quarter 2021 net profit of $2.3 billion. Quarterly figures show that electric vehicle pioneers led by Elon Musk have deftly tackled supply chain congestion and Chip shortage This has been […]

Sunak’s tax hike budget helps push up inflation, MPs say

[ad_1] Rishi Sunak latest budget According to an influential group of all-party MPs, this has led to a rise in inflation and current government policies risk a wage price spiral. In its report on the October Budget, the Treasury Committee also warned that, Taxes will be higher The next election will be better than the […]

Governor to sign fast-tracked $225M for Pennsylvania healthcare workers

[ad_1] Two months after the omicron variant of the coronavirus slammed hospitals with unvaccinated patients, Pennsylvania’s Legislature unanimously sent fast-tracked legislation to Gov. Tom Wolf on Wednesday to help keep burned-out healthcare workers on board during a staffing crisis. The bill authorized $225 million, mostly for hospitals to give workers retention and recruitment payments. Of […]

Democrats drop out of hearings with top Florida doctor

[ad_1] florida surgeon Dr. Joseph Radapo After a tense hearing, which came close to Senate confirmation on Wednesday, Democrats accused the state’s top doctor of dodging questions about his coronavirus policies and rushing out ahead of the vote. Radapo, appointed in September Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, He has come under national scrutiny for his alignment […]

North Carolina treasurer’s report criticizes how hospitals bill poor people

[ad_1] Nonprofit hospitals in North Carolina routinely bill poor people for medical care that they should write off because of their tax-exempt status, according to a report released Wednesday by the state treasurer’s office. The report, produced by the National Health Program and the National Institutes of Health Policy, declared that a “lack of transparency […]