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Dr. Fish’s Feelings (Podcast) Conversation, ABC

James Webb Space Telescope arrives at new home in space space net

A bug in an earlier Creative Commons license enabled the new Super Predator species Corey Doctorow

The Simpsons Who Predicted Everything has an episode about actual predictions rupture

#Coronavirus disease

The Right View on Covid-19 in Japan Hitoshi Oshitani, The New York Times (MR). “Japan’s unique approach to contact tracing also gives us more clues about how the virus spreads. While other countries focus on proactive contact tracing, where contact tracers identify and notify infected people after they become infected of contacts, but we used retrospective contact tracing. This is a way for a tracer to identify an infected person and look back to find out when and where that person was infected, and others who may have been infected at the same time as them. It turns out, This approach is critical because we understand that the coronavirus is primarily spread by a small number of infected people, who then go on to cause super-spreading events.” That’s how a serious country responds to an epidemic. In the United States, by contrast, official discourse does not even include communication theory, let alone the concept of super-communicators.

Op-ed: Two years into Covid, and we still don’t get the word: It’s airborne! Crain’s New York business (MR).

Corsi-Rosenthal (CR) Box Home Quarantine Success Stories:

(Not sure when the nomenclature change from “Corsi Box” to “Corsi-Rosenthal Box” happened, but since everyone is using it…)

Evidence for the semi-solid state of aerosols and droplets associated with airborne transmission and surface survival of pathogens National Aeronautics and Space Administration (MR). Abstract: “Here, we present evidence for a humidity-dependent, semi-solid state of aerosols and droplets associated with pathogen survival. These observations suggest that semi-solid state can protect by hindering disinfection responses at moderate to low humidity levels. Pathogens are protected from inactivation. The formation of semi-solids depends on the composition of the aerosol, suggesting that the humidity for optimal pathogen destruction will depend on the composition of respiratory particles released by the infected host.” From a long list of comments:

* * *

COVID-19: Endemic does not mean harmless nature

‘I’m fed up with COVID’ is easier said than done Globe and Mail. “‘I’m fed up with COVID’ is the equivalent of offering ‘thoughts and prayers’ after a mass shooting.” Two bromides I hate in a sentence, well done.

Fallacy of the “Mild” Omicron David Glassman. a review.

* * *

Ivermectin: A Nobel Prize-winning, multifaceted drug with dramatic efficacy against the new global scourge, COVID-19 New Microbes and New Infections (Elsevier; peer-reviewed). Still closely related from September 2021. Another meta-study. Abstract: “Since the first use of IVMs in the fight against the new global scourge, COVID-19, in March 2020, more than 20 randomized clinical trials (RCTs) have tracked such inpatient and outpatient care. A review of the IVM treatment RCTs reported in 2021 Six of the seven meta-analyses found a significant reduction in COVID-19 deaths, with an average 31% lower relative risk of death compared to the control group. During the massive IVM treatment in Peru, the ten states where it was most extensively treated 30-day excess deaths decreased by an average of 74% in 2019. The decrease in deaths correlated with the degree of distribution of IVMs across all 25 states.”

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UF Health study shows link between COVID-19 and erectile dysfunction (press release) University of Florida. n = 146. This makes sense given the vascular aspect of Covid.

CDC shifts focus of COVID-19 messaging from ‘fully vaccinated’ to ‘up-to-date’ Bakers Hospital Review. This could also have been done a year ago, as the idea that a vaccine could be sterilized was always wishful thinking. “There’s never time to do it right, but there’s always time to do it all over again.”

FDA restricts use of Omicron’s marginalized COVID-19 antibody drug NECN

How another civilized country handles Covid home care packages:

Conservative medication, but watch out for the thermometer and, more importantly, the oximeter.


China tests 2M in Beijing, lifts COVID lockdown in Xi’an Associated Press

‘China will be China’: Why journalists brought recorder phones to the Beijing Olympics Warburg. Why don’t they use burner phones all the time?

Looking for wild cats in Beijing The Straits Times


China tells Myanmar’s civilian government not to keep projects safe from attack Ayeyarwady

Two major energy companies pull out of Myanmar over junta’s human rights abuses Associated Press

Myanmar military junta seeks to ban VPNs and digital currencies register

Extraction, Redistribution: Empire, Nation, and the Construction of the British Welfare State British Journal of Sociology. Very worth reading.


The spider tale of the Caribbean Indians reveals our vulnerability and our strength to endure roll in

23 Australians on board delivering aid to Tonga contract virus Associated Press. Scotty, Gladys, great job. More about Tonga:

COVID will dominate, but New Zealand will also have to deal with a ‘triple planetary crisis’ this year dialogue




Eat his cake! ‘Disturbed’ cabinet minister refuses to ‘defend’ Boris’ June 2020 birthday ‘party’ at No10 and admits ‘asked questions I can’t answer’ – warns PM could face police investigation daily mail

IAB Europe was unable to audit how the more than 1,000 companies that use its TCF system handle our personal data Irish Civil Liberties Commission. IAB Europe = European Interactive Advertising Bureau.


Disagreement splits U.S. team in talks with Iran over nuclear deal Wall Street Journal. “Some members of the U.S. team have left or stepped back after urging a tougher stance in negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program.” That’s a shame. But maybe they can turn to starting a war in Ukraine.

new cold war

What if Moscow cancels the airline’s overflight rights? defense one

The Hidden Roots of the Escalating Ukraine-Russia Conflict Canadian dimension

The role of emotion in military strategy texas national security review

How Cognitive Empathy Prevented the Ukraine Crisis non-zero. Simple solution:

Biden administration

Biden rushes to pressure Russia as Ukraine concerns mount hill. “Now kids, don’t get excited!” “Who gets excited?” – Naruto Theater

Biden vows that if Russia invades Ukraine, the US will invade a country of equal value onion

Courts to hear affirmative action challenges at Harvard and UNC Scotts Blog


Havana (Syndrome) Incident dissatisfied. Immortal quote from an anonymous Hill staffer: “Why should we question the sanity of those highly trained to handle the government’s most sensitive information and negotiations?” Why, indeed!

Ghosts and the haunting of Russian regional studies post socialism

Why Washington can’t learn Andrew Bacevich and Tom Engelhardt of Because learning is the end of a career.


Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing Omg, It’s Never Over Craig Murray

Class struggle

How much of our workforce is lost due to COVID-19? market. Incapacitating labor increases the price of labor. who knows?

Union Break Tracker Labor Lab (DCblogger). Handy interactive map:

Sadly, payday report Strike trackers are not embeddable. It should be; I bet there are plenty of sites out there that want to pair these two maps. (Both have difficulties about what a strike or union sabotage is; these are inherent in conflict within the field, not a careless approach.)

BNSF files federal lawsuit to stop union strike NBC

“Multitasking is not progress – it’s what wildlife does to survive” honest broker

We only have dreams and kindness mutual flow

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