FirstFT: Blinken warns ‘Russian playbook’ will destabilize Kiev

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The United States said Moscow’s efforts to destabilize Ukraine were “part of Russia’s playbook” after Britain warned of a plot to create a puppet government in Kiev.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken says Washington has been “concerned” for weeks About Russian Tactics, including President Vladimir Putin’s efforts to replace the government in Kiev.

His speech came after Britain said in an extraordinary statement it had evidence Russia was planning to appoint a pro-Moscow leader in Ukraine – and named it Yevin Murayev as a potential leader favored by the Kremlin.

Russia has amassed more than 100,000 troops near the Ukrainian border and has vowed to “have the most unpredictable and serious consequences for European security” if the United States fails to acknowledge its demands to curb NATO expansion.

  • related news: NATO admits Ukraine’s commitment was an ‘ugly compromise’ but should not be blamed threat of conflict With Russia, the former secretary-general of the military alliance told the Financial Times.

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1. Activist hedge fund Trian increases stake in Unilever s arrival Nelson Peltz’s group The British consumer giant is under pressure from investors after its failed attempt to buy GSK Consumer Health for £50bn.

2. Australian Open fires protesters who support Peng Shuai tennis tournament ejected two spectators Peng Shuai, a player who last year accused a senior Chinese government official of sexual assault, was wearing a T-shirt in support of the player.

3. Private equity shuns the IPO march Largest private company in the industry raises capital at least $9 billion They invested in their own buyout funds, financed growth or paid dividends to partners through debt sales last year, according to records obtained by industry executives and the Financial Times.

4. The World Bank is under pressure to release funds from Afghanistan Requirements for major charities working in Afghanistan over $1.2 billion Freeze funds to pay teachers and other government workers and prevent essential services from collapsing.

5. Warren Buffett approaches Cathy Wood Cathie Wood’s flagship Ark fund is on the cusp Being overtaken by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway in the post-pandemic performance sheet reflects a dramatic change in fortunes between the two prominent investors.

coronavirus digest

  • New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will Strict Covid-19 restrictions reintroduced – forcing her to cancel her own wedding plans – as the Asia Pacific region struggles to stop the spread of the Omicron variant.

  • This Beijing Winter Olympics is challenging China Zero corona virus policy.

  • Omicron variants cause much less damage go to the euro area economy Compared to previous Covid-19 waves, according to an analysis by the Financial Times.

the day ahead

IBM earnings The computer, technology and IT consulting firm will report its fourth-quarter results.

Purchasing Managers’ Index IHS Markit’s composite PMI data for Japan, Eurozone, France, Germany, UK and US are released.

Italian presidential election Members of parliament and regional representatives began voting for Sergio Mattarella’s successor.Prime Minister Mario Draghi considered a serious man competitor.

What are we still reading and watching

Russia and China’s New World Order Plan Ten years ago, neighboring countries were both partners and competitors.But after a period of intransigence between the two countries and the United States, Xi Jinping has become Vladimir Putin’s most important ally. Today, Moscow and Beijing have embraced counter-revolutionary rhetoric.

Don’t abolish Hong Kong as a financial center for now Hong Kong has been plunged into turmoil after it passed the death sentence for hamsters.But due to economic difficulties, the future of Chinese territory is Safer than any global competitor Except for New York, said Robin Harding, Asia editor of the Financial Times.

Netflix faces a dystopian future, and the streaming giant appears to be heading for headwinds by the end of 2021, with success squid game and don’t look up. But the star-studded launch wasn’t enough to significantly boost subscriber numbers in the fourth quarter.If the popular new show is not enough Attracting a lot of new Netflix subscribers?

Analysts say the shelf life of hit shows like Squid Game is short in the era of binge-watching © Netflix/AP

Get ready for a four-day work week First and foremost it’s working from home, writes our business columnist Pilita Clark.It’s a four-day work week Shock business life In a way that seemed unthinkable before Covid-19. Younger managers are more interested in the idea than the older leaders they are about to replace.

Millions of Turks Flock to Cryptocurrencies TV news channels show bitcoin and ethereum prices as well as dollar and euro exchange rates. A TV ad at halftime of a football game promotes the virtues of a cryptocurrency exchange.Amid soaring inflation and plunging Turkish lira, millions Invest in cryptocurrenciesThe surge in interest has alarmed the country’s authorities, who now want to regulate the industry.

life and art

Patrick McGee, FT’s San Francisco correspondent, delves into Controversial rise Connection Fitness. Fans of Peloton and its peers describe the gamified experience as a way to get into a state of fitness, and even build community, without feeling awkward or vulnerable at the gym.

Patrick McGee uses some products

Patrick McGee: “It’s the closest we’ve come to cracking the code yet, allowing more people to exercise” © Cayce Clifford

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