Medical cannabis expansion continues to stall in UK

Medical marijuana is being accepted Continental Europe Now more than ever, Germany is leading the way from an industry perspective.

Malta’s lawmakers passed a legalization measure last month, and Europe recently saw its first country legalize marijuana for adult use.

Unfortunately, not every medical cannabis program in Europe operates on the same level, and medical cannabis in the UK is particularly bad.

Since last summer, only three patients Medical cannabis products have been received in the UK, which is clearly a far cry from most other European countries.

No plans to expand

Last year, Jeff Smith, Labour MP for Manchester Wythenshaw, introduced the Medical Cannabis Access Bill in the House of Commons.

The measure will expand the UK’s medical cannabis scheme and lead to safe access to medical cannabis for more patients.

Compared to Germany, the UK needs more reforms to gain a similar basis for medical cannabis policy. However, compared to the current situation, this would be a significant improvement.

Unfortunately, admit Most recently by the measure’s main sponsor, the Healthcare Expansion Act, was essentially dead at this point.

Emergency situations

The UK has a population of over 67 million. Many are suffering from patients who would benefit from medical marijuana.

Until UK lawmakers pass smart medical cannabis policy reforms, patients will continue to suffer needlessly.

Not without examples of successful medical marijuana programs to learn from. Dozens of countries now have thriving, effective medical marijuana programs in place.

As adult-use legalization in Europe progresses, the UK’s medical cannabis program will only appear more absurd and inhumane over time. Unfortunately, nothing seems to change on the horizon.

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