Reunion Rehabilitation Hospital breaks ground on new project

Reunion Rehabilitation Hospital (Phoenix) and developers U.S. Development and Investment (ADI; Dallas) Breaks ground on several inpatient rehabilitation facilities.

The projects include a 49,128-square-foot, three-story facility in Peoria, Arizona, with 40 beds, two physical therapy gyms, administrative offices, as well as dining, kitchen and support spaces. It is scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Construction is underway on a three-story, 50,800-square-foot hospital in Arlington, Texas, that will include food service and dining areas, fitness and physical therapy spaces, medical staff rooms and a patient lounge. The outdoor courtyard will include a variety of surfaces and slopes for patients to practice walking. The hospital is expected to open in January 2023.

Additionally, Reunion Rehabilitation Hospitals and ADI are developing a 55,617-square-foot hospital in Plano, Texas, a 47,000-plus-square-foot hospital in Englewood, Colorado, and a 51,000-square-foot hospital in Phoenix.

construction management company Adolfsson and Peterson Architecture (Minneapolis) will provide general contracting services and Callaway Architecture (Richardson, Texas) will provide design services for the project.

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