The state legalized marijuana in the most rational way possible. Home grown blooms instead of the illegal market.

You hear cannabis professionals applauding Virginia’s approach to marijuana legalization! Interestingly, each of the 50 US states has rolled out its own legalization program.

Some states are doing it right, while others are terribly wrong. Having been involved in the cannabis industry since its inception legal, we believe the Governor of Virginia has made the right move.

Not only did they legalize the property, but they also legalized the family to grow with the pharmacy.

At first glance, this may seem like a subtle difference, but it’s actually very important and has huge implications. Some states, like New Jersey, have legalized property and legalized dispensaries, but have not legalized personal home cultivation.

With all the bureaucratic regulatory framework that needs to be completed, as well as the required permitting and construction processes, it will actually take at least a few years before a pharmacy can open its doors for business.

So, where should people get those 6 ounces of weed? Answer: the illegal market.

Failure to legalize personal home cultivation means cannabis users will turn to the illicit market in these states.

But in Virginia, there is a clear and legal path to getting legal marijuana at the same time: grow by oneself at home.

Our company, Green Goddess Supply, produces an award-winning home growing system called “wardrobe“It’s designed to look like furniture, so it fits nicely and discreetly into any home decor.

Armoire enables novice home consumers to grow clean, high-quality flowers themselves with confidence and ease.

Since July 1st, we’ve seen a huge uptick in sales at The Armoire, Virginiastone 2021. In fact, 50% of our sales in the third quarter came from Virginia. It’s like a sore thumb to us.

So, we went back to have a look, and sure enough it started around mid-July. That’s when we made the connection.

Most cannabis lovers don’t want to deal with red tape or politics. They just want to grow their own high-quality, clean, organic sprouts at home quickly, easily, and cheaply.

New Virginia cannabis legislation allows this to happen.

Virginia is now the state of lovers and Cannabis lover.

Armoire is a turnkey home grow system that even your pickiest auntie won’t find out, patented and trademarked by Green Goddess Supply. Green Goddess Supply is a privately held company headquartered in Boston, MA with distribution centers in Los Angeles, CA; Long Island City, NY and Pooler, GA. For more information on Green Goddess Supply, visit the website

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