Many Firms Are Too Confident About Their Cybersecurity: The Morning Minute

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SEE YOU AT THE CROSSROADS – Over the past two years, law firms have surprised many a naysayer by demonstrating a previously unseen ability to adapt to extreme circumstances and unanticipated challenges. But 2022 could be the true test of whether this notoriously change-averse segment of the industry has any appetite for true, lasting transformation. In our first Trendspotter column of 2022, we’re examining how law firms’ approaches to talent acquisition and retention are poised to fundamentally change forever—or, y’know, not. The pandemic still appears to be far from “over” (whatever that means), but we’re reaching a point at which law firms must decide whether they want to attempt to “get back to normal” (whatever that means) or embrace a new normal. For large firms, in particular, exhibiting a resistance to change at this crucial moment could cost them talent. But will it? That largely depends on what happens to the power balance between firms and talent in 2022.

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