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How did birds like penguins evolve into the world’s best swimmers? ABC

Walmart plans ‘super-dense’ encryption, Metaverse push, archiving advice Heisenberg report

Explosion around the world new york magazine


Prepare for more volcanic eruptions as the planet warms scientific american

First the fire, then the fungus small things to consider

#Coronavirus disease

Mild respiratory SARS-CoV-2 infection causes multilineage dysregulation and loss of myelin in the brain (preprint) bioRxiv. Abstract: “The findings presented here illustrate striking similarities between the neuropathophysiology following cancer treatment and SARS-CoV-2 infection, and illustrate that even mild SARS-CoV-2 infection can lead to Cellular Defects in Persistent Neurological Symptoms.” Topic from co-authors:

US insurers spending on COVID-19 ivermectin prescriptions (Research Letter) JAMA and Column: New study calculates staggering cost of ivermectin stupidity Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times. $130 million. If our healthcare system had a sofa, $130 million would be change under the cushions. come on.

Texas scientists’ new Covid-19 vaccine is cheaper, easier to manufacture and patent-free Guardian (Furry Mouse). Corbevax.

Making Paxlovid science

Argentina’s COVID miracle Joseph Stiglitz, Project Syndicate


Omicron enters China’s political, financial and tech hub Bloomberg and Supply chain issues likely to worsen as China imposes new coronavirus lockdowns The New York Times (Re Silc). Re Silc: “Fed raising interest rates should fix this.” Half of the media support China’s failed #ZeroCovid policy, the other half are unhappy with the supply chain…

China’s birth rate drops to record low in 2021 Channel News Asia. Comment:

Worth clicking to enlarge the fine print.

Is this the end of China’s massive BRI funding in Africa? South China Morning Post

The desolate, snow-free landscape (except for the fake stuff) begs the question: Why are the Winter Olympics held in Beijing? Daily Mail (Re Silc).

Chinese researchers claim electroculture work is theoretical physical organization


Amid fierce fighting, monks flee temple in eastern Myanmar Bangkok Post (Furry Mouse).

Myanmar Democracy Group seeks Tether after Myanmar kyat project fails BeInCrypto

Philippines says ‘indispensable’ Aung San Suu Kyi must be involved in Myanmar peace process Reuters. NGOs and the “international community” may believe this and even impose it, but the events have gone far beyond Aung San Suu Kyi (the Rohingya massacre happened under her watch anyway).

Japan Turns Right: Computational Propaganda, Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party, and the Internet Right (Netto Uyo) Asia Pacific Magazine. Calculate propaganda.

The big problem with Japanese toasters foot


Kazakhstan, like Ukraine, focuses on the exchange of the rule of law with the law of the jungle The turbulent Middle East football world

Iran after Trump: Can Biden revive the nuclear deal, and does Iran even want it? (PDF) Middle East Briefing

Hadassah Hospital opens Israel’s first pediatric ICU for COVID-19 patients The Times of Israel (MR).


Key pillar of UK border control upgrade plan ‘lack of systems integrators’ register

Vulnerable woman starved to death in NHS hospital after ‘unacceptable’ failure Independent Person (MR). MR: “It’s funny how all the comments were irritated and no one said ‘she’s a loser’ like you often see in comments these days.”

BBC licence fees to be abolished in 2027, funds frozen Guardian (Furry Mouse).

Ahead of election, Macron pinned hopes on French economic prosperity and new jobs Reuters


Ex-Senator Joseph Arrested Over Haitian President’s Killing Al Jazeera

Venezuela’s environmental crisis: ‘The beginning of a wave of destruction’ foot

new cold war

Is war inevitable if talks with Russia fail? national interest

Russia Issues Subtle Threat More Far-reaching Than Ukraine Invasion New York Times. Deck: “Russian officials have suggested that if the West fails to meet its security demands, Moscow may take steps such as placing nuclear missiles near the US coastline.”

CD244: Keep Ukraine (Podcast) Congress Dish. Interesting topic, interesting podcast.

Russia will maintain energy control over Europe for decades quartz. Yes, it’s called “offering a good product at the lowest price”.

Biden administration

Democrats call on Biden to step up virus response hill. you have a job…

Hope on the Horizon Matt Stoller, Major (GF).

supply chain

Russia’s container traffic hits record high amid global logistics crisis Greek Shipping News

Democrats in pajamas

COVID-19: Democratic voters back tough measures for unvaccinated Rasmussen.This Yes Rasmussen. I’d like to see this result confirmed elsewhere: “Nearly half (48%) of Democratic voters believe that federal and state governments should be able to fine or sanction individuals who openly question the efficacy of existing COVID-19 vaccines on social media. Incarceration, television, radio or in online or digital publications.”

Glenn Youngkin reminds Virginians what GOP governance looks like MSNBC. Youngkin took immediate action to deliver on his campaign promise. Democrats should consider doing so. Although I don’t recall Youngkin promising:

Republican Amusement Park

Florida has pledged to help her pay the rent.Then she was expelled. Tampa Bay Times

academic forest

Variation fuels decline in student mental health higher education. Surely not the admin’s response?

Without Paid Time Off, Southern’s COVID School Policy Could Create Scary Trickle For Families big eater

Empire Crash Watch

Guantanamo Notebook intercept. If we have an army like the Romans, we can crucify like the Romans. Sadly, whether that’s the case or not, we don’t.

Martin Luther King Day

The Economic Message Behind Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘Dream’ Speech Investment Encyclopedia

Martin Luther King’s Forgotten History of Socialism in these times. From 2018, still closely related.

If MLK were alive today American conservative

Getting back to normal is not enough defector. A must read, worth the click. It would be interesting to describe the queuing behavior described here in terms of queuing at the end of the Soviet Union.Again, why do you need one sporty Sites get this kind of writing?

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