FirstFT: Ukraine says ‘all evidence points to Russia’ in cyber attack

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Ukraine says there is evidence that last Friday’s cyberattack on 70 government websites was likely Executed by Russia.

Cyberattacks amid fears Moscow may be planning military action against the country after security talks with the U.S. and NATO lose.

“At the moment we can say that all the evidence points to Russia being behind this attack,” Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation said in a statement yesterday.But Kiev said the investigation was still ongoing and had not been formally blamed attack to Russia.

Stop Blaming Moscow, Jack Sullivan, National Security Advisor we “I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up on Russia,” President Joe Biden said.

Separately, Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council said over the weekend that it suspected a hacking group linked to Belarus’s intelligence services carried out the attack — a sign that Russia could have used its allies to create plausible denials of its involvement.

Belarus’ authoritarian government, which took the lead in reconciling with Moscow after mass protests in the summer of 2020, has yet to comment on the allegations.

Ukraine’s Western allies warn that cyberattacks could be prelude to further military aggression after Moscow buildup 100,000 soldiers near the border in recent months.

Russia has moved major combat troops and sophisticated weapons near the Ukrainian border. © Steven Bernard Graphics

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