1970 Mazda Cosmo Series II

1970 Mazda Cosmo Series II


Anyone familiar with Mazda today probably knows the brand through the MX5 Miata. In 1989, this throwable, perfectly balanced little sports car single-handedly reinvigorated the convertible market.It is also a brand of Mazda

But before the Miata or even the RX-7, there was the Cosmo.

An early Series I version came out in 1967, and the Series II you see below is a 1968 update. It powers the nifty Series II (L10B) with 128 horsepower, its twin-rotor engine has a 7,000 rpm redline, a five-speed gearbox and a top speed of over 120 mph.

Over time, the flagship Cosmo went from a sport to a Luxury cars.

In 1967-68 Mazda produced 343 Series I; 833 of the Series II, from mid-’68 to ’72. They are not a lot of these anymore, they are becoming more and more collectible. The RHD model you see below sells for $105,000.

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