Thursday 10am reading – big picture

Thursday 10am reading – big picture


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Libor, the most important number in the financial world, dies at 52 Bankers use it until the end. Regulators say it’s good to get out after its infamous fall. (New York Times)

People want to start spending again and inflation is destroying it With rising 401(k) balances, record savings and ample job openings, Americans are in better shape than ever. Not that it helped them all feel safer. Frustration appears to be higher among Americans who say Covid-19 has changed their attitudes toward money. Despite the record savings, many are still feeling helpless as uncertainty about the pandemic continues. (Wall Street Journal)

How CLOs Are So Popular Despite Seeing Risks In a triumph of structured finance, these junk loan portfolios have so far removed any risk. (Chief Investment Officer)

Why Apple’s iMessage will win: Teens fear green text bubbles: The iPhone maker made iMessage the must-have texting tool for teens. Android users triggered a slightly less cool green bubble: “Ugh, this is disgusting.” (Wall Street Journal)

How do the leading flying taxi companies compare? From mini-jets to enhanced helicopters, here’s what seven noteworthy players are working on. (Work Week)

Artists say NFTs are helping thieves steal their works at eye-popping speed NFT art sales are booming. Just without the permission of some artists. NFTs are touted as a way to ensure artists are paid for their work. Now, many creators are trying to stem the tide of piracy. (NBC News)

Buildings of tomorrow mimic nature to cool the planet It’s not just about minimizing harm to the environment, but finding ways to recycle building materials and restore natural habitats. (Bloomberg)

“Cage-free” is basically meaningless, and the other lies your egg carton is telling you All the printed language you see on a carton of eggs is said to help you with egg-related purchases. (life hack)

Four charts analyze how omicron’s waves compare to previous coronavirus peaks The U.S. continues to see a surge in coronavirus cases driven by variants of the omicron, doubling the pre-January 2021 peak. (Washington post) see also Covid loses 90% of its ability to infect within 20 minutes in the air Research: The findings underscore the importance of short-range Covid transmission. (protector)

Color: where did they go? an investigation. Why do so many TV shows and movies look like they were shot in a gray wasteland? (sound)

Be sure to check out our Master of Business interview this weekend with Jim McKelveyCo-founder square (with Jack Dorsey), current CEO invisiblethe future of enabling people to manage their personal data.

History of QE+ZIRP

Source: Jim Reid, Deutsche Bank

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