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stress this week

Fat Banana Feminized Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds

Fat Banana Feminized Seed Royal Queen Seed 0Fat Banana is the product of a super-selective strain development process designed to cross the largest and fattest banana OG specimens. Fat Banana has a strong flavor and contains a lot of cannabinoids.

Fat Banana Auto Feminized Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds

File 4NUMVCFat Banana Auto inherits the indica dominant genes of the original strain. Like her non-automotive parents, she inspires a body-violent excellence.

Dutch Passion Master Kush Feminized Seeds

Masterkush Dutch Passion 039 0Even the most casual cannabis grower or enthusiast has at least heard of Kush, and has probably tried it whether they realize it or not. Due to its special genetics and quality, it is a common strain in breeding programs.

Kush Master Auto Feminized Seeds from White Label Seeds

master kush auto bloom jpgAuto Master Kush comes from the original Master Kush, one of the first hybrids created with two pure Kush strains. Both strains come from the vast Hindu Kush mountains.

Green Garden’s Cheese Exodus Feminized Seeds

cheese exodus feminized seeds jpgCheese Exodus is the same strain as English cheese. It is an 80% Indica variety, crossed from Skunk #1 with Afghans, and has very good yield and medicinal properties.

UK Cheesy Express AUTO Feminized Seeds by Phoenix Cannabis Seeds

UK Cheesy Express Car Feminized Seeds Phoenix Seeds 0Cheese was originally created in the 1980s and quickly became one of the most popular skunk phenotypes in the world. Since then, many breeders have tried to further improve the cheese.

Skywalker Kush Feminizes Seeds Through DNA Genetics

skywalker kush feminized seed dna genetics 0 1This was a very popular clone in the US and now DNA Genetics is very proud to present this strain to the world. The taste of Skywalker Kush is similar to their OG Kush, but the yield is much increased. The yield of Skywalker Kush is above average and the taste is very complex.

Afghan Kushlade by Seed World Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

Seed World Afghanistan Kushlade 0 1This Afghan Kushlade strain is a combination of original Afghan Kush and Ruderalis genetics. This Afghan Kush comes from a range of pure indica varieties grown in a small area in the Hindu Kush mountains of northern Pakistan.

Candyland Feminized Seeds by Grand Daddy Purple

Candy Paradise.jpgCandyLand is a sativa-dominant hybrid developed from Grandaddy Purps and Platinum Cookies. Developed by the founder of Grandaddy Purple, Ken Estes, the variety has had a major impact on the California medical marijuana industry.

Grand Daddy Purple – 5 Feminized Seeds

Purple Grandpa 5 Feminized Seed Purple Grandpa 0 1This strain is one of the most popular and was first introduced to the Bay Area in 2003. Soon after, it quickly became popular in California as a medicinal cannabis strain.

Blue Gelato 41 Feminized Seeds from Barney Farms

Blue Ice Cream 41 2BLUE GELATO 41 is our sensational new blueberry supercross West Coast. She made it by mixing the famous blueberry with thin mint Girl Scout cookies and a fresh fruity Indica Sunset Sherbet.

Key Kush Auto Feminized Seeds from Barney Farms

Key Kush Auto 0One of Barney’s most popular strains is now available for autoflowering, so say hello to Critical Kush Auto. This strain is created by crossing Key Kush with our state-of-the-art autoflowering breeding plants and can be yours in 8 to 9 weeks.

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