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Press release. In the world of cryptocurrencies, any cryptocurrency exchange has to offer many different options when it comes to making money.that’s why double trueThe leading cryptocurrency exchange, which recently announced the launch of a new yield farming hub, Open to all users starting January 10th at 10:00 UTC.

The main reason and background behind this new move has to do with the fact that mortgage and yield farming has become a very popular method for investors to earn additional income. Therefore, Bitrue wants to meet the actual needs of customers in a safe way and keep up with all the latest updates and changes in the industry, it will realize risks such as impermanent loss through key partnerships in the future as well as mitigation measures.

What will the new hub do?

The new center enables users to mine tokens in a manner comparable to the DeFi (decentralized finance) pools that were very popular last year. At launch, more than 20 pools with APR (annual yield) of 150% or higher are available, and consumers can choose from a variety of staking intervals. Bitrue Coin BTR, Bitrue’s native platform currency, will power these mining pools. To start farming, either the BTR or the token the user chooses to mine should be staking. also, Since its inception in July 2018, BTR has grown over 300% to date.

In addition, Bitrue has extensive experience in developing cutting-edge investment solutions, power pig As the first cryptocurrency-based investment service released globally in early 2018. As such, this new hub will include Power Piggy, Vote Staking, BTR Lockups, and various other businesses utilizing BTR to generate profits for their respective consumers.

Essentially, the plan allows its consumers to choose the investment plan that works best for them, offering diverse investment options with different lock-up periods, yields and formats. In the words of Bitrue’s Chief Marketing Officer Adam O’Neil, it established BTR as the world’s first Yield Token, a token designed to increase crypto-oriented returns on investments.New Yield Agriculture Centres can also only be found in This is just one of many upcoming initiatives from Bitrue that customers can look forward to.

Bizhen Vision

Debuted in July 2018, Bitrue is a diversified cryptocurrency exchange that supports trading, lending and investing. It intends to use blockchain technology to provide financial possibilities to everyone, regardless of geographic location or financial situation. The exchange has offices around the world and is constantly developing new features to effectively support the new era of the digitized modern economy. Essentially, the BTR token has “an explicit utility about maximizing the return on investment.”

More importantly, BTR’s months-long resistance also appears to be broken, as the coin Just broke the $0.40 mark. Price discovery comes with this weekend’s highest weekly close.For more information, either the official website and the exchange Twitter You can check if the channel is updated regularly.

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