Uppsala Security Launches Version 2.0 of its Crypto Threat Management System » CryptoNinjas

Uppsala Security Launches Version 2.0 of its Crypto Threat Management System » CryptoNinjas


Uppsala Security, a provider of advanced tools and services for cryptographic AML, KYC, transaction tracking and regulatory compliance analysis, announced the release of TOMS 2.0, a new version of its threat reputation database local management system, which is a Released in late March 2021.

Originally created to meet the growing demand for on-premise solutions, the product is designed to meet the latest and most stringent regulatory requirements in the digital asset space, and through its new additions to provide more efficient and seamless results.

Key features of TOMS 2.0 include up-to-date threat intelligence data, flexibility of integration – it can work with any organization, its applications and services via RESTful APIs, and of course, as the name suggests, on-premise features as it can be dynamically accessed online hosted at Threat Reputation Database (TRDB) There is no active Internet connection on the organization’s internal computer network.

Regulations for blockchain/decentralized ecosystems are gradually becoming stricter and more specific globally. Well-known government agencies, financial institutions, and financial software applications that need to comply with the strictest regulatory frameworks often require on-premises solutions to improve data privacy and security.??? Through the use of products such as TOMS, Uppsala Security’s global customers have access not only to the latest crowdsourced threat intelligence, but also in a secure, on-premises, compliant environment.

TOMS version 2.0 has several improvements in different areas, as follows:

1. Show download progress bar;

2. The currently available TRDB version will be visible on the TMS screen (as a date time stamp);

3. There will be only one front end: TMS (RTS front end has been merged with TMS front end, users no longer need to log in twice);

4. Autosync setting changed to hh:mm format;

5. Automatic sync settings or manual triggering will check for any missing files and download, deploy to RTS and automatically update the dB (check for missing files between last downloaded file and the latest TRDB version available);

6. Local TRDB Housekeeping

  • Complete IOC and updated IOC files will be kept for 14 days;
  • IOC file download timestamps older than 14 days will be automatically removed.


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