DEIP partners with BlockVenture to drive adoption of its web3 creator economy protocol » CryptoNinjas

DEIP partners with BlockVenture to drive adoption of its web3 creator economy protocol » CryptoNinjas


DEIP, a Creator Economic Agreement Capable of discovering, evaluating, licensing and exchanging intangible assets, the BlockVenture Coalition, a consortium of university blockchain groups and venture funds, today announced a new partnership to educate U.S. students on the path to web3 development and scaling DEIP’s reach the Americas.

The BlockVenture Coalition will help DEIP gain a foothold in the growing U.S. crypto market. Their mission is to be the bridge to the blockchain space by connecting high-potential blockchain startups with the resources they need. Additionally, they focus on fostering collaboration between universities and bringing industry projects to students.

“DEIP immediately became our unique project. Their almost no-code-deployed smart contracts opened the door for people entering the space on a daily basis, increasing the ease of access and increasing the overall share of people participating in the blockchain.”
—Philip Forte, Partner at BlockVenture Coalition


  • The DEIP network is a domain-specific chain based on application-specific Substrate 3.0 that implements many protocols for the creator economy: the core protocol is the creator economy protocol.
  • On top of the creator economy protocol, the network implements tCollective Intelligence Agreement, Dynamic Liquidity Agreement, etc. DIEP tokens are the native cryptocurrency in the DEIP network and also serve as the main governance token and reward for validators.

“BlockVenture has strong ties to major exchanges and peer startups in the US. While DEIP currently has a solid network in Europe, we want to operate on the same level across continents. BlockVenture is what helps DEIP shine in the US market Partner.”
– Alex Shkor, CEO of DEIP

BlockVenture provides connections to blockchain research groups and can begin adoption through university clubs, node-running communities, public developers, and more academic-related avenues. They will be key players in connecting DEIP with top universities in the United States and the rest of the Americas.

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