Brussels urges Chile’s incoming president to support EU trade agreement

[ad_1] The EU Trade Commissioner urged the left-wing government led by Chile’s new President Gabriel Boric to sign an agreement with the country’s right-wing predecessor in negotiations with the European Union. Valdis Donbrowskis told the Financial Times that he hopes that the new government, including the Communist Party, which will take office in March this […]

Companies strive to prepare for post-Brexit import controls

[ad_1] Maurice Greig (Maurice Greig) may have anticipated a hard-won break for Christmas. He struggled with the post-Brexit bureaucracy in 2021 and now needs his tailor-made gentleman accessories Export to the European Union. But on the contrary, the 74-year-old Greig & Greig Partnership owner gave up at least part of the holiday in order to […]

Raoul Pal believes that institutions have ended profit-taking

[ad_1] Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal believes that the recent fluctuations in Bitcoin prices are due to institutional sales to help support their year-end profits. Perennial Bitcoin (BTC) bull market tells Vlad (Vlad) Starkburg In an interview on December 27, he believed that due to institutional influence, the market is currently in an unbalanced state. […]

Genesis Trading sees “strong signs” of acceleration in institutional crypto investment growth next year – Bitcoin Featured News

[ad_1] The head of market insights at Genesis Trading stated that the growth of institutional investment in the crypto sector in the past 12 months was “surprising”. The executive added: “We see strong signs of acceleration next year.” Strong signs of accelerating institutional investment growth next year Noelle Acheson, head of market insights at Genesis […]

Imran Khan implements austerity measures to restore the $6 billion IMF package

[ad_1] Imran Khan’s government will propose a series of unpopular austerity measures to the Pakistani parliament in an effort to restore the stalled US$6 billion IMF loan program, which may cause intense economic pain when the economy is in deep pain. Political backlash. A fiscal bill is expected to be submitted to the House of […]

AscendEX Lists Sidus Heroes Token SIDUS – Press Release Bitcoin News

[ad_1] Press release Press release. Shengteng EX I am pleased to announce the listing of Sidus utility tokens, SIDUS and SENATE governance tokens under the trading pair SIDUS / USDT and Senate/USDT Starting at 2pm UTC on December 29th. Heroes of the West It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with space as […]

South Korean government asks Apple and Google stores to remove P2E games

[ad_1] The South Korean government has taken action to prevent the release of new earn-on-game (P2E) games and requires the removal of existing games from Google Play and Apple’s App Store. P2E games have become popular In the cryptocurrency industry. Game players usually must first purchase game pieces as non-fungible tokens before they can play […]

China Luxshare challenges Foxconn to build iPhone factory

[ad_1] Luxshare Precision is building a large manufacturing complex in eastern China because its goal is to break the ten-year control of Taiwanese rivals Foxconn and Pegatron in iPhone assembly with Apple’s support. As the most famous participant in China’s Apple supply chain, Luxshare Precision is building a 285,000 square meter manufacturing park in Kunshan, […]

OSHA maintains interim standards for medical emergencies

[ad_1] The Occupational Safety and Health Administration said on Monday that it will continue to implement Interim Standards for Medical Emergency. The standard was released on June 21 and is expected to be finalized as a rule within six months. OSHA said it still plans to publish final rules. The agency said on Monday that […]