Some updates from my NC friends.

Things in my world are clearly off track.

Last week, the number of COVID patients in our office increased every day. This is now vertical. We have not been officially informed that we have any Omicron in my area, but the situation has changed subtlely. I repeat, I’m not sure if we are dealing with Omicron or the frightening Delta winter wave. It is difficult to know the testing system that is being pieced together now.

The test improvements promised by the Biden administration failed to materialize. In fact, the situation may be worse now. We have too many patients who test themselves to be unable to maintain accurate numbers. But these toolkits have really become scarce, and unless they are hoarded, they will be unusable. Medical system testing is still spotty and very expensive. If people’s lives don’t depend on it, then this complete shit show will actually be fun.

How has things changed? – More vaccinated and boosted patients are now becoming active. Many of them are very sick. In fact, as an outpatient, I want to say that our vaccinated patients are basically the same as the vaccinated population. The same goes for boosters. So, basically, just like Denmark, we seem to be exactly the same. Therefore, the vaccine is basically of no value to the spread of the virus. So far, there are still about 60-40 unvaccinated and vaccinated people in the hospital. However, more and more people are being vaccinated. Unfortunately, it needs to be admitted. This is not just for nursing home patients. On the other hand, for those who believe that natural immunity is the golden ticket, I have news to tell you. I have always told the think tank firmly that I have not seen the unvaccinated patients who had previously been infected show COVID symptoms again. Well-that game is now over. In the past two days, I have seen two. We will see how this trend develops in the coming days.

The symptoms are also changing. For most people, this is a severe cold. But for those who are really sick, the main respiratory symptoms in the past are now replaced by severe nausea headaches, which sometimes lead to severe vomiting, high fever, and chills. Now I see some patients with severe diarrhea. Interestingly, the muscle cramps and pain seemed to become very bad all at once.

In addition, the efficacy of monoclonal antibodies in some patients has declined. They don’t seem to be as effective for some people. In addition, these treatments are severely restricted, and patients must now meet strict standards to obtain these treatments. I was told that there was a considerable supply problem. I’m not sure if this is true-it’s just scuttlebutt. What shocked me was that our officials did not adequately prepare for these antiviral drugs-but as Lambert pointed out in the link to the vice president above, it is clear that our officials did not even notice further variants. This year. Omicron didn’t know where it came from, you don’t know. Who can expect this to happen? And obviously, this antibody therapy is not on Dr. Fauci’s or Biden’s list. If you live in certain states such as Texas or Florida, your governor and health officials have the foresight to ensure your own supply, although it may be limited. Elsewhere-well-good luck to you. We spend time on vaccine authorization and passports for non-sterile vaccines.

Sorry, if I sound so bitter-it’s because I am. Because of the severe incompetence on almost every level of this country, I see people suffering every day.

A few days ago, we had a large group of patients from a large holiday party. This is the same despicable scene, all the guests presented proof of vaccination and the recent COVID test-running around at the party without masks, and the hired assistants all put on masks. I know this because I saw the photos and videos of the party. Twelve fully vaccinated elderly ladies and three staff members, many of whom are booster-immunized, many obese and diabetic patients-11 out of 15 are now positive, 3 are in the hospital, and 1 is working for her Fight for life. A daughter told me this weekend that her seriously ill mother told her twice that Joy on The View has repeatedly said this year that if everyone is vaccinated, the party will be great. This kind of misinformation has caused serious health problems for the audience. Where are the Youtube and Twitter reviewers? This is first-class arrogance. As I have said repeatedly, the ancient Greeks believed that the only entity that could clean up arrogance was Nemesis.

Let me put it this way-this week, Santa Claus is not the only character flying through the midnight clouds. When Nemesis came, he was like a thief in the dark.

Part of becoming a good doctor is to constantly assume that everything will be the worst-case scenario-and try to avoid it. If in the past few months I have been a little frustrated-this is how I work-always assume the worst and prepare accordingly, I apologize. It has always been the Rock of Gibraltar for your patients and their families. That is the guidance that runs through medicine from the oldest era. I must say that I don’t feel at all about it. Like many other hospitals across the country, our hospital now has very few staff. Not only did our federal officials fail to help, they also took active steps to make the situation infinitely worse.

Again-I don’t know if what I experienced is really Omicron. I would like to add that as a medical professional for 30 years, I am as confused as everyone else about our opportunities to work with Omicron. It’s all fog now-hope it won’t be that bad. We will tell in the next few weeks. I pray every day.

I may be very busy in the next few weeks, so I won’t stay here too much. I will definitely keep in touch with Yves and Lambert and think tanks. But I have this feeling that the tsunami is coming.

This is what I want to tell everyone to do now-pay attention to everyone in your life. Help and take care of those in your world who cannot help themselves. In the next few weeks, elderly and sick people should not show up at the grocery store or post office or anywhere else. Please take care of everyone in your life. If you are fat, start doing something today. Go, run, and go out to bask in the sun. stress reliever. sleep well. Eat very well. Get off at Doritos and Dr. Pepper. Starting today, I will take 4000 units of VIT D every day. Today, zinc is 50-100 mg per day. Today, 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C per day. Purchase POVIDONE/IODINE solution from a pharmacy or use Betadine to make your own nasal spray (recipe online). Spray your nose and gargle twice a day. If you are going to attend or hold a party, please have everyone blow their noses with POVIDONE before entering the house. Do it again when they leave. No, I repeat, don’t use the same nasal spray for everyone. Everyone should have their own.

Most importantly, put down the flamethrower and blowtorch. I learned a very important lesson during the AIDS crisis. We will all work as a team, otherwise this will be the end of all of us.

God bless.


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