After BTC’s high price in mid-November, hundreds of millions of “sleeping bitcoins” woke up – Bitcoin Featured News

After BTC’s high price in mid-November, hundreds of millions of “sleeping bitcoins” woke up – Bitcoin Featured News


On Sunday, December 19, a dormant address that received 235 bitcoins in 2013 was activated after more than nine years of inactivity. The price of Bitcoin fell after hitting a record high on November 10. Throughout December, records showed that a large number of so-called “dormant Bitcoins” were activated during this period.

The dormant address wakes up after years of deep sleep

That day Bitcoin (BTC) On November 10, it reached a record high of US$69,000 per unit. This is the record of miners in 2010. Spent 1,000 sleeping bitcoins And 1,000 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as well as. These 1,000 bitcoins came from 20 block rewards mined in 2010 more than 20 years ago.Same entity Spend another 1,000 BTC And 1,000 Bitcoin cash the next day. In addition, a block in 2010 is worth 50 Bitcoin Or $2.3 million was spent on November 3.

After BTC's high price in mid-November, hundreds of millions of
Sleeping Bitcoin is the address held Bitcoin, But the coin has not moved for many years. In November 2021, there will be approximately 2,050 Bitcoin Since 2010, it has been transferred by mysterious whales. Since mid-March 2020, the same mysterious whale has spent tens of thousands of “sleeping bitcoins.”

In November, a total of 11 10-year block rewards mined in 2011 were activated and sent to new blocks. Bitcoin address. Total is 550 Bitcoin At today’s Bitcoin exchange rate, it is worth 25.8 million U.S. dollars. As of now, in December 2021, there are 4 2011 block rewards, 200 Bitcoin The value of 9.3 million USD was activated. The block reward in 2010 was not spent, but 7 blocks in 2012 were activated, 14 blocks in 2013 and 5 blocks in 2014 were activated.

Today, a dormant address in 2013 originally had 235 bitcoins active 9.1 Spend 100 for the first time in years Bitcoin. The address is still 135.80 Bitcoin Blockchair’s privacy measurement sheet explains that transactions are sent with a privacy score of 0 and there are “critical” privacy issues. One transaction loophole seen in the transaction is “identify a matching address.” On Thursday, December 16, a dormant address containing 225 bitcoins was activated after 8.4 years.This address It took about 25 Bitcoin Valued at 1.1 million US dollars, still holding 200 Bitcoin. Neither of these two whale addresses cost the corresponding Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BSV).

“Wake up” does not necessarily mean “sell”

November 22, Sleep address 187 Bitcoins have been sitting for 8 years and moved 13 Bitcoin And keep 174.43 Bitcoin Sitting idle in the wallet.Corresponding to the wallet Bitcoin cash and BSV Each still holds 187 coins and has not been spent. Two days ago, another dormant Bitcoin wallet stored for 8.1 years was activated on November 20. Whale address It took up to 1,299.98 Bitcoin It was worth 61 million US dollars that day, but it didn’t cost 1299 US dollars Bitcoin cash and BSV.

On November 10th and 11th, two other free addresses with old bitcoins were activated. On November 11, an address and 234 Bitcoin Is activated after 7.5 years and 53.16 BTC was uninstalled on the same day. The day before, when Bitcoin Mining USD 69,000 per unit, the mysterious whale spent USD 1,000 Bitcoin Since 2010, Sleep address It has been activated since 2013 or 8.1 years ago. Address moved 2,207.60 Bitcoin Or use today’s exchange rate to calculate Bitcoin worth 103.7 million USD.

Regardless of the situation, the owners of very old Bitcoin wallets decided to transfer their coins for the first time in years. It is worth noting that the term “spend” or “spend” in this article does not necessarily mean that Bitcoin is “sold” to a third party to obtain legal tender or other encrypted assets.

The so-called “dormant bitcoins” may have been sold, or they may have simply been transferred to different wallets. Many of these wallets see coins transferred from traditional Bitcoin addresses to addresses that support Segregated Witness (Segwit) addresses (Bech32). Nonetheless, most popular cryptocurrency exchanges around the world support Bech32 addresses, and many of these coins are likely to have been sold as legal tender.

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