10 Sunday Readings-Big Picture

10 Sunday Readings-Big Picture


Look away!mine Sunday morning Look at incompetence, corruption, and policy errors:

3 miles away and $400: even in the same city, hospital prices vary greatly The cost of the emergency room in Boston shows the wide range of prices in American hospitals (Wall Street Journal)

Clerical coup In the weeks leading up to January 6, a more dangerous rebellion was taking place in the inbox of Trump’s inner circle. (Atlantic Organization) You can also take a look The panel said on January 6 that Meadows was deeply involved in the struggle for the election results. The House Committee filed charges of contempt of Congress by former President Donald J. Trump’s chief of staff, Mark Meadows. (New York Times)

A sunny place for shady online business: Malta has hundreds of gambling websites and dubious supervision, which is the target of international money laundering crackdowns. (Work Week)

This block used to be for first-time homebuyers.Then global investors buyProgress Residential uses computerized real estate search algorithms and fast all-cash discounts to purchase up to 2,000 houses per month. Effective management practices are a boon for tenants who cannot purchase one of the “entry-level” houses. But Progress Residential has been making considerable profits for wealthy investors around the world, while bidding higher than middle-class home buyers, and subjecting tenants to what they call unfair rent increases, poor quality maintenance, and excessive fees. (Washington post)

The largest deepfake abuse site is growing in disturbing ways Referral programs and partner sites have stimulated the spread of intrusive “nude” images generated by artificial intelligence. (wired)

Unvaccinated Covid patients push the hospital system to the edge These states will not be unique. A worrying new mutation is spreading, hospitals are being filled, and millions of people are still unvaccinated. If the United States continues to perform stress tests on its hospitals and their staff, some of them will go bankrupt. (Bloomberg) You can also take a look University returns to the drawing board again to fight COVID Faced with rising infections and new variants of COVID-19, universities across the United States were once again blocked in their search to return to normal, and began to need to strengthen injections, extend the use of masks, limit social gatherings, and in some cases recover Online class. (Associated Press News)

Document links Huawei to China’s surveillance program Looking back at Huawei’s more than 100 PowerPoint presentations, many of which were marked “confidential”, indicating that the company’s role in tracking the Chinese people is broader than it admits. (Washington post)

There are many guns in the United States involved in crime, but there is very little data on where they came from The way guns are trafficked makes it difficult to answer basic questions such as the number of guns that can be stolen each year. He said that under normal circumstances, the police would only find a trafficked gun after it was used in a crime. Experts who spoke to FiveThirtyEight said that there is no clear national data on how criminal firearms enter the black market from manufacturers and distributors, how smuggling behavior differs between states, and even the street prices of smuggled firearms in different markets. The latest federal report on gun smuggling dates back to 2000, and it uses data from 1996 to 1998. (Five thirty eight) You can also take a look How an FBI informant, the Son of Anarchy, stopped the gun fanatics and conspiracy theories behind the conspiracy to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer. Probably no state is more suitable for fighting the military than Michigan. Summer is verdant, and the wetlands are full of animals. The artificial world feels far away. But this is a poor state. When high corn and trees were cut down during the months-long Midwest winter and become bare, poverty shows: idle auto parts factories, tractor trailers waiting for black ice, in Dollar General. (air mail)

The silent scandal of university teaching “University professors are so involved in external research that their commitment to teaching has been affected… Students are squeezed into a large number of classrooms, either by disengaged faculty or inexperienced graduate professors.” (free)

Donald Trump’s megaphone: Fox News’s news anchors know Trump’s lies are lies-they amplify them anyway I don’t want to be an accomplice to so many lies. I know that a large part of the people who praise Trump you see on TV are dishonest. I know this because when the camera and microphone are turned on, they will say one thing in front of me or in front of me, and another. Authority and politics is a very small world-especially on the right-if you add up all the members of Congress, senators, columnists, producers, editors, etc., you might end up with a decent number of students Small-scale liberal arts colleges. (send)

Be sure to check our Master of Business interview This weekend with Michael Maubousen, Who runs Unanimous research At Morgan Stanley’s buyer’s company, Counterpoint global. Mauboussin (and his co-author, Alfred Rappaport) revise and update their book Expected investment: Read stock prices to get better returns.

The new pandemic hits people with pre-existing diseases the hardest

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