We are fifteen years old

We are fifteen years old


Thank you very much for your readers and support! If it hadn’t been for the fact that we had gained so much interest and input, we wouldn’t be here, even in the early days of this website. A technical friend Ed Wright encouraged me to create a blog (he wanted a blog as a toy), and then in the winter of 2006, given the overly obvious signs, there seemed to be enough words to maintain a blog. The financial media barely noticed the credit market. Serious problem.

After we launched, we check our very few page views every day. Mark Thoma has established contact with us and encouraged us to stick to it. He said that soon, his website Economist’s View had more page views in one hour than in a whole day.

We set traffic goals for 6, 12, 18, and 24 months, and we need to prove that it is reasonable to continue publishing on these goals. When the Bear Stearns sub-hedge fund went bankrupt, we seemed to be in a short period of six months. This was one of the events that marked the beginning of the first of the four acute phases of the financial crisis. The last was the collapse of Lehman. This was followed by the collapse of AIG and the near collapse of the global financial system. Early promoters of our work include Felix Salmon, Nouriel Roubini, Barry Ritholtz, Ed Harrison, Tanta, Jane Hamsher and Paul Krugman.

Although the events that triggered the financial crisis proved how misleading the deregulation of the financial services industry, especially derivatives, it also produced a vibrant economic blog. Sadly, independent commentary has eclipsed the past; one of the few voices still active at that time was the always insightful Steve Waldman.

Matt Stoller found us in that era and posted here for many years. He not only told us to raise money, but he also made quite a few suggestions on how to raise money. Lambert and I joked that we have known each other since ancient times; we can’t remember how and when he started letting us use his work in Corrente and migrated his work to Naked Capitalism over time. Stoller is also responsible for organizing a list server that has become a vital place for anti-foreclosure activism. Securitization expert and naked capitalist writer Thomas Adams is educating foreclosure defense lawyers, attorney general staff, influential investors, and law professors such as Adam Levitin and Katie Porter on pooling and service agreements, CDOs, and the nature of services Played a key role in practice.

In order not to test the patience of readers, we skipped many formative episodes of our history, such as the political economist Tom Ferguson (Tom Ferguson) in connected Entered regularly since then; we have the honor to showcase young economists and have built independent reputations since then, such as Philip Pilkington and Nathan Tankus; Richard Smith and Andrew Dittmer, both of whom were in the writing process of ECONNED Indispensable, and everyone has provided many important positions; advice from experts in the financial services industry, sometimes invited posters like Satyajit Das and Marshall Auerback, and Clive in IT technology; help us understand Insiders of private equity; recently, our Brexit and Covid think tanks. Finding qualified technical experts who can work on relatively small sites is also a complex process, so we are very grateful to Keith Friedman and Dave Jagoda for joining our team.

The last but least important thing is that we are very loyal, always insightful and outspoken comments. Jerri-Lynn and guest writers such as Michael Hudson, John Siman, and Thomas Neuburger said that they like to publish in Naked Capitalism because of their thoughtful, well-informed, and sometimes even a bit too frank reader thoughts and reactions. So many people have provided such important input on so many topics, from the power grid to specific local politics in the United States and around the world, to weapon systems, to the advantages of various translations of groundbreaking works, to beer manufacturing, We are afraid of the prospects and we are grateful enough for so much input. Before that, I would also like to express my gratitude to those who can and are willing to provide financial support, send us links, and promote our work to friends and colleagues.

Now back to the whetstone! And best wishes for the holidays and 2022!

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