Link 12/18/2021 | Naked Capitalism

Link 12/18/2021 | Naked Capitalism


Amazing Christmas Tree Ideas for Lazy People EatLiver (Fresnordan)

VT officials said the woman who tried to stop the bear hunter released the dog, and an attack followed Tribune (resilc). This woman doesn’t know how lucky she is. About ten years ago, there was a case in Maine in which a deer hunter killed a woman on her property near her suburban/suburban woods. The hunters said they mistakenly thought her white gloves were deer tails. Many locals suspected that she was arguing with them because she had children, because she was hunting too close to her property (actually legal), and because she had children, they drove her away.

The fight to save horseshoe crabs from the biomedical industry Edge (David L)

Australians warn of surge in snakes and spiders database

This video of the first probe ever to touch the sun will leave you speechless Science Alert (David L)

Tardy animals are the first multicellular organisms to be quantum entangled New Scientist (David L)

How does extreme weather affect marine ecosystems? (Kevin W)

The newly discovered type of storm is a 1,000 km wide puddle in the sky New Atlas (David L)

University of Washington’s AI Protein Folding Discovery Receives Scientific “Breakthrough of the Year” Award Geekwire (David L)

Richard Posen: A different class of people Antigone (Anthony L)

How to pray to the dead god forever

Little angel: The magic mushroom helps me regain control of my brain Jezebel (David L)

#Coronavirus disease


It’s not said that General Motors monopolizes the worst-case scenario… This is not necessarily the worst-case scenario:

More psychic GM:

Imperial researchers stated that there is “no evidence” that Omicron is less severe than Delta Reuters

How Omicron evades natural immunity, vaccination, and monoclonal antibody therapy Forbes (Kevin W)

Omicron largely evades immunity to past infections or two vaccine doses Imperial College London. Resilc: “Oh, it was ez/pz yesterday.”

Omicron may bring the worst COVID surge to date in the U.S. – and it’s fast NPR (David L)


Coronavirus: Irish hospitality venues close early BBC (Kevin W). Weak tea.

Covid-19: Omicron spreads at lightning speed-French Prime Minister British Broadcasting Corporation

Listen to this article: Under Jeremy Corbyn (Jeremy Corbyn), the British left opposes vaccine authorization as anti-worker and repressive Glen Greenwald


With the advent of Omicron, New York sets a record of Covid-19 cases The Wall Street Journal. The protagonist story.

With Omicron, U.S. testing capabilities are under tremendous pressure New York Times

The U.S. is not ready for Omicron Atlantic (resilc). Two years wasted…

Federal Court of Appeals resumes Biden administration’s commercial vaccine and testing tasks CNBC (Kevin W)

Pfizer will test Covid booster doses on babies and toddlers RT (Kevin W)

Will it always be like this? New York Magazine (resilc)

Anti-Vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s family gathering guests were told to be vaccinated before coming Daily Beast (resilc)


The central bank is betting that the economy can tolerate Omicron, not inflation Bloomberg (Kevin W)

COP26/climate change

A glacier the size of Florida may soon collapse, rising sea levels and threatening coastal cities USA Today (David L)


U.S. blacklists the world’s largest commercial drone company to monitor Chinese Uyghurs Axios (resilc)

The United States accuses China of developing “brain-controlled weapons” Financial Times (Kevin W)

Special report: Amazon cooperates with Chinese propaganda department Reuters (Furry)

China: We will make the U.S. pay the price for sanctions Asia Times (Kevin W)

Diana Johnstone: The growing divide between France and Germany Consortium News (Chuck L)

Old Brady

Senior Conservative Party warns Boris Johnson to “leave in a year” unless he cleans up guardian. Kevin W: “One year? So they weren’t serious at the time.”

New cold war

Putin and Xi Jinping planned their SWIFT escape plan The Saker (Kevin W)

List of requirements issued by Russia Guardian (government)

It looks like someone doesn’t like this tweet (Follow this link, We took a screenshot instead of embedding). Note the huge changes in the title, you can also download the article URL (Read the story here):

A lesson in realism Andrei Martianov (Chuck L)

Domestic newspapers warn of “rapid collapse” of Russian space program Art technology

30th anniversary of the collapse of the Soviet Union Brookings Institution (Kevin C)


Israel and the Gulf countries are becoming closer and closer.But it won’t make Biden’s life easier Politician (Kevin C)

Big brother is watching you

Facebook bans 7 “Surveillance-For-Hire” companies that monitor 50,000 users NPR. Only fifty thousand?

Log4J vulnerabilities will plague the Internet for many years Wired (Dr. Kevin)

Discovered that the anti-5G necklace is radioactive BBC (David L)

trump card

Republicans crack down on Trump’s efforts to expel McConnell Politics (resilc). not smart. Although MSM continues to cheer him up, concrete evidence shows how much Trump’s stardom has weakened.


The above clip also explains why Camara has no hope of becoming the Democratic Party’s candidate for Press, let alone winning. She can’t stand any heat. Scolding, self-expression, and successive blemishes are not a good-looking look.

Police national watch

The root of anger Plow (Dori M)

Schools across the U.S. cancel classes due to unproven TikTok threats edge

Wake up the watch

Our famous free media

Politico’s defense news, brought to you by Northrop Grumman Mint Press (Kevin W)

U.S. regulators flag climate change and stablecoins as potential systemic risks Reuters

supply chain

Our supply chain dilemma did not start with a pandemic Hill (resilc)

Class struggle

The Worker Protection Act was blocked before the tornado disaster Daily poster

Kellogg said that due to increasing pressure, it has reached a preliminary agreement with the union The truth is revealed

Kellogg celebrates fragile interim agreement-1 in 4 Americans resign in 2021-5,000 Fred Meyers workers go on strike Mike Elk

Today’s Antidote (Christopher J):

And bonus (Robert M). The dog is very, very good, but the cat’s performance is impressive:

See yesterday’s link and antidote du Jour here.

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