Weed Theme Christmas Song

Weed Theme Christmas Song


I know we are all bored with the back teeth of Christmas music, and it is likely to start on November 1st. If I hear Mariah Carrey complain about asking me to have another Christmas, I will not be responsible for my actions. So I think I will search for some less traditional Christmas songs on the Internet, these songs may attract my crowd, fortunately I found a lot. I’m not sure what I expect to find, or why I think digging a cannabis Christmas carol can be tricky. I immediately found a lot of related materials, some of which came from well-known artists and some from lesser-known musicians. After experiencing this, I found that these homages to Stoner’s Christmas are much more interesting than the same songs that are poured into our eardrums by blurry shopping mall speakers or loud squawking radio DJs. Anyway, enough of my little rants, let’s take a look at some of these wonderful weed-themed Christmas songs.

Oh, the chronic tree of Afroman

The first time I heard Afroman was to wake up through a song that my ex used as his alarm clock. Before listening to Oh Chronic Tree, I haven’t really heard many of his other songs, but I can still say with certainty that I am a budding fan. get it? bud? In any case, Afroman’s songs are often a little weird, a little psychedelic, and fun. Music never takes itself too seriously, which is ideal for Christmas carols. Obviously, this song is an imitation of Oh Christmas Tree, which is one of the old Christmas classics that we still hear every year. It is sung by a large number of children with harsh high pitches. The lyrics of the Afroman version are really great. This song is funny, smart, and really funny, especially if you are already a fan of Afroman.

Snoop Dog’s Christmas Eve

This song may be better known than the last one. This is definitely a Christmas song I’ve heard several times before, but it’s still very interesting. If you are putting together a green Christmas party playlist, then this song needs to be in it. Once again, this song didn’t take myself too seriously. He did rhyme Dick with Saint Nick at one point, which was good. The essence of this song is to completely mess up for Christmas, and I think this is something we can all yearn for. Especially the new version may disrupt many of our Christmas plans. Like many songs in this list, Twas The Night Before Christmas is a fun pee that will make you laugh or laugh directly, depending on how tall you are already.

Rudolph the Red-Eyed Reindeer by Blaze of Grass

Here, we have another parody from the album Dreaming of a Green Christmas. I think you basically know what will happen at this stage. This is the classic Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, which is a song about reindeer being overly bullied by capable reindeer until Santa Claus exploits him, so no one finds that he messed up one of the most basic aspects of sleigh maintenance. So basically that song, but the text has been modified to be more friendly to 420. The story has changed a bit. In this song, I believe Rudolph makes Santa Claus excited. I don’t know if this can save Christmas, but who cares now. A good choice for playlists, because it is usually very stupid.

Let’s be in full swing for Chief Green Bud’s Holidaze

Chief Green Bud actually has some Christmas songs, including this one and Christmas without weeds. This is a strange and touching song, all about being excited about Christmas. I know it may be obvious when you think about it, but it is not a direct imitation, but more like a somewhat funny song about weeds and Santa Claus. It has a national feel, which is slightly different from some other options. I like this as a background to sit down and prepare joints for a group of friends. It’s just a person singing with an acoustic guitar, which also gives it a not-so-professional feel, but in a good way. I want to say, if you like a small country acoustic cannabis business like Willie Nelson, then Chief Greenbud is your choice.

“Willie Nelson’s Christmas Carol” by Willie Nelson

Speaking of Willie Nelson, we should really put his real Christmas songs here. He sang this song on the Colbert Christmas special. It began to tell the story of some men giving gifts to star babies, like many Christmas songs. However, when it comes to talking about Jesus usually, he replaced it with talking about a weedy plant. This is a very nice and cold song about being stoned and being friends with everyone. It’s really a Christmas song that is more touching and enjoyable than most Christmas songs. Great for relaxing at the end of the night, maybe smoking a cigarette before going to bed.

“Willie A Beautiful Christmas” by Casey Musgraves

I’m doing two Willie Nelson songs, you really can’t stop me. This song was performed by Kacey Musgraves and Willie Nelson, so technically speaking, these are not his two songs, and they are more optimistic than the previous one. This is the little tongue on the cheek, if you press it, you can say with certainty that it’s not about weeds, but obviously it is. The song has a lovely island vibe, but it’s still festive, not clichéd. I also love that this song brings all the different beliefs and celebrations that happened at about the same time, basically saying that whatever you believe, no matter who you are, you are all stoned and wish Willie a happy Christmas. “May we all be taller than the angel on the top of the tree.”

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