Top 5 EPI Blog Posts in 2021

Top 5 EPI Blog Posts in 2021


Top 5 EPI Blog Posts in 2021

In 2021, although there is little evidence that shortages in the leisure and hospitality industries will spread to other economic sectors, many readers want to understand concerns about potential labor shortages.

In addition to the interest in labor shortages, a post on how to solve the H-1B visa program also caught the attention of our readers. This is an important program that allows American employers to hire college-educated immigrant workers.

In addition, with the federal inaction on many issues, we have seen concerns about the importance of state-level policy changes. Some states raised their minimum wages above federal levels, included undocumented immigrants in important pandemic assistance, and provided unemployment benefits to school staff in the summer.

This is the countdown to the five most popular EPI blog posts in 2021.

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