The value locked in Defi continues to decline, ETH Defi dominates 65%, Solana transactions dominate – Defi Bitcoin News

The value locked in Defi continues to decline, ETH Defi dominates 65%, Solana transactions dominate – Defi Bitcoin News


Since the indicator hit a record high of US$275 billion on December 1 16 days ago, the total value lock (TVL) in decentralized finance has fallen by 15.63%. Since the end of the first week of December, TVL has fallen by 7.19%. The number of agreements with a 7-day loss in TVL.

Defi tokens YFI and CVX saw double-digit gains in 7 days, and the combined value locked in Defi dropped by nearly 3% to USD 243 billion

according to Statistical data, Decentralized finance (defi) tokens represent 132.6 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for approximately 5.79% of the entire 2.28 trillion U.S. dollar crypto economy. In terms of market value, the largest defi token is terra (LUNA), which has an 18% dominant position and a market valuation of approximately US$23.9 billion. The two defi assets that performed best last week were Desire Finance (YFI) and Convex Finance (CVX). In the past week, the value of Year Finance has risen by 33%, and the value of Convex Finance has risen by 26.3%.

At the same time, defi tokens tokemak (TOKE) and bonfida (FIDA) saw the biggest declines last week. Last week, the value of Tokemak fell by 31.6%, while the dollar value of bonfida fell by 28.7%. The largest decentralized exchange (dex) on Friday was Uniswap version 3, with a 24-hour trading volume of US$2 billion. Uniswap (v3) was followed by Pancakeswap, Trader Joe, Biswap, Sushiswap, Uniswap (v2), Raydium2 and Curve Finance.

Already $6.2 billion 24-hour dex transaction volume And 158,035,713 visits to the dex agreement per month.according to, The total locked-in value (TVL) of countless blockchains is US$232 billion, of which Curve’s dominant position is 9.17%. Curve’s TVL is USD 21.28 billion, and it supports seven different blockchains.

Ethereum still dominates the Defi landscape, Solana’s transaction volume reached 45 billion, and the cross-chain bridge TVL fell 3.4% last month

Among all the recorded defi blockchains, Ethereum today has $159.64 billion in TVL in defi, which is equivalent to 65.44% of the total defi TVL. Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is the second largest blockchain of TVL in defi today. BSC’s TVL last Friday was 16.53 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for about 6.77% of the 243.94 billion U.S. dollars locked by defi. The chains after BSC include Terra, Solana, Avalanche, Tron, Polygon and Fantom. Among all the chains in the past week, the only top ten defi chains with a higher TVL percentage are Fantom (3.52%) and BSC (1.75%).

Statistics from Coin98 Analytics show In terms of total transactions on the blockchain network, Solana has 45 billion control rights. Solana’s trading advantage is followed by Tron (2.68B), BSC (2.09B), Ethereum (1.39B), Polygon (1.19B), HECO (534M) and Algorand (464M).In terms of the number of validators on popular blockchains, the Coin98 Analytics metric exhibit Ethereum has 270,322 validators, while Elrond has 3,222.

The value locked in Defi continues to decline, ETH Defi dominates 65%, Solana dominates the transaction
Chart drawn by Coin98 Analytics on December 14, 2021.

Finally, as far as the TVL of the cross-chain bridge is concerned, today’s TVL of the cross-chain bridge is USD 22.73 billion. In the past 30 days, TVL lost 3.4%, and Ronin Bridge topped the list with $6.4 billion. Ronin is followed by Avalanche ($5.88B), Polygon ($5.83B), Arbitrum ($2.3B), Fantom ($1.3B) and Optimism ($433M).

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