I came to Sandbox Alpha to experience the music experience of Snoop Dogg and Deadmau5. It was great to dance with my voxelized avatar: green hair, pink sports bra, denim shorts, yellow stockings and red shoes. All of this was accompanied by the crazy creatures around me dancing, and the feeling of being immersed in a real concert of flashing lights and thumping beats. I think I might stay on the show for the rest of Alpha until I see the countdown to the reveal timeline and realize that I have to leave there to complete the task. I need to be able to obtain assets at the end of Alpha. The prize NTF is calling me.

Snoop Dogg, Deadmau5 and NFTs — Sandbox Alpha Game Review

introduce: Sandbox It is a decentralized, community-driven game ecosystem. Designers and artists can create, share and profit from NFT and game experiences on the blockchain, and cooperate with many industry giants. Its popular virtual real estate, LANDs, is taking over the NFT world.

The Sandbox Alpha, Metaverse creator showroom

What is Sandbox Alpha? What will I experience there?

This Sandbox It is a popular metaverse game with GameFi mechanism with asset ownership. GameFi stands for “Financialization of Video Games.” In short, this is how gamers can obtain real economic gains or losses in the field of the game itself.

In a regular non-metafest video game, you pay for the game (one-time purchase, monthly/annual subscription, or a “freemium” model of a large number of further in-game purchases) and become a customer. In Metaverse games, players can actually own them by creating assets and then selling or buying them and acquiring ready-made assets, thus becoming game asset owners.

Snoop Dogg, Deadmau5 and NFTs — Sandbox Alpha Game Review

inside Sandbox Alpha, When I walked around in various missions, I saw the land, and I saw NFTs hung in almost every corner, which can be directly linked to OpenSea for purchase, and many others that players can purchase with real cryptocurrency Custom equipment and accessories. The sale and ownership of land in the Sandbox is the most essential ownership in the game.

This is why when exploring various tasks and wandering through the extremely diverse landscape of the game, it feels like going to Yuanjie Real Estate to see their model house. It helped me understand how to develop, decorate and make land attractive. A brilliant vision flashed in my mind. What I want to do in these open spaces can make them unique and attractive.

Snoop Dogg, Deadmau5 and NFTs — Sandbox Alpha Game Review

I really enjoy the gaming experience. Since the main purpose of Sandbox Alpha is to let Alpha Pass holders, landowners and creators understand the huge potential of this meta-universe, all Alpha missions are designed to be exploratory, adventurous and easy to complete. For my unique incarnation in various landscapes, it is basically walking, hiking, climbing and jumping. The task is mainly to move around the landscape to reach certain points (road signs), get familiar with the environment, and appreciate the design details in the process.

When I enter an area, there are two NFT characters who can talk to me to accept my task. Metaverse Guide has a blue exclamation mark on the top of his wise head, holding two blue crystal balls in each hand, which is the correct NFT for the Alpha task.

The mission usually consists of four or five iconic locations that I need to reach. Another NFT character is a random character in the story, such as a scientist or a warrior, with a yellow exclamation mark on his head. His mission may allow you to collect some rare resources and participate in some sword fights. But again, in this Metaverse game, your character does not really die. If you are killed by a wolf or fall into the green acid pool, you will lose the life bar and respawn at the starting point, starting again. never give up!

Snoop Dogg, Deadmau5 and NFTs — Sandbox Alpha Game Review

Even better, falling from a height will not kill you. This is why I chose a lot of scenic spots and high-rise places to make a “Leap of Faith”. The only drawback is that later I need to find a way to climb back and complete the rest of my tasks. My character can also stay underwater for two hours without breathing. I also let her stand on the flowing lava.

Six hours after the game started, I went to the Snoop Dogg concert in the basement of the NFT Institute. I took selfies at the Deadmau5 concert at AlphaHub, I danced in Club XYZ, I climbed and fell endlessly on the edge of the post-apocalyptic abyss, I killed wolves in the Dum-Yz dungeon, and I explored the medieval castle in Blood Soul The fortress, I found peace in the sunset of Rusty Cliff.

Snoop Dogg, Deadmau5 and NFTs — Sandbox Alpha Game Review

I have to admit that before playing in the sandbox, I was accustomed to high-resolution games with realistic visual effects like Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series. I never thought I would get used to voxelized characters-basically a bunch of moving boxes. But I did it, I like it.

The more I am immersed in the Metaverse environment-graphics, characters, all objects, buildings, sound effects of wind and birdsong, background music that soothes or frightens you-all of these blend together and greatly enhance my feelings . Play experience. I no longer stare critically at my voxelized body. Everything blends together naturally, which is really great.

If this is the showroom that the official Sandbox team showed us, I have great hopes for future releases and can’t wait to see other wonderful ideas from creators around the world.

“Easter eggs”

After completing all 16 Alpha missions released before December 17, I proceeded to an additional experience called “Christmas Eve Miracle”. I didn’t have high expectations for this experience. I thought it was just another Christmas jingle cliché, but it turned out to be the thing that surprised and surprised me the most, in the end.

The experience begins with a narrow path surrounded by tall pine trees. I was walking on the small road, and suddenly, at the end of the turn, a cheerful and bustling town appeared in front of me, full of Christmas decorations. Fireworks, colored lights, Christmas markets, street performances, cozy cafes and souvenir shops are full of panoramic views. Christmas trees and gift boxes, joyous people, snowflakes falling gracefully from the night sky, and beautiful and moving piano music with a touch of melancholy.look at this here.


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