Should you be stoned to death before getting a tattoo?

Should you be stoned to death before getting a tattoo?


If you have ever had a tattoo, you know it can be very painful. Obviously, it depends on your pain tolerance, your previous pain levels, where you got the pain from, and various other variables. Although I know that some people get their first tattoo on their thin skin, and it’s pretty good compared to friends who have almost no ink space and almost fainted every time. If you are the latter, essentially a person who likes tattoos but may not like tattoos, you may have several ways to control the pain. Of course, smoking marijuana is a very common and effective treatment for pain and discomfort. We know that you should never get drunk or take too much blood-thinning painkillers, but can you smoke marijuana before getting a tattoo?

How does tattoo work?

Before we observe our bodies and their reactions to tattoos, we should first understand what a tattoo is. Creating a tattoo requires injecting ink into the skin. Today, this is usually done with a machine that moves the needle into the skin hundreds of times per minute, or more. Each time the needle is immersed in the skin, a drop of ink is left behind, which will eventually form an image. The thin thread is usually not too painful because the needle will continue to move and will not return to the same area. More painful tattoos have many small details, shadows or color patches, because the skin has to deal with more stinging than other methods. These are usually tattoos that take a long time, require rest, and cause great pain. Since the needle must go deep into the skin, tattoos usually bleed.

Wine and tattoo

When it comes to tattoos, alcohol is a taboo. Most artists will even ask you not to drink too much the night before, as this will make the whole process very difficult. Not only should the tattoo artist not tattoo anyone under the influence, but it will make the physical experience more painful and dangerous. The problem is that alcohol will dilute the blood a lot. If you dilute the blood before the appointment, you will bleed more during the tattoo. This makes it difficult for artists to work, makes healing difficult, and often makes the process more confusing and unsanitary. Therefore, if you want to know whether alcohol will relieve pain, the answer may be no, and it can cause many other problems, so please don’t do it.

Weeds and tattoos

Quite a lot of tattoo lovers like to smoke before getting a tattoo. It can be used very effectively as an analgesic without being as intoxicating as alcohol. As long as the person is not knocked unconscious, most tattoo artists will not mind, but you should ask beforehand to make sure they agree to tattoo anyone under the influence of drugs.

Most smokers do not recommend this method of dealing with tattoo pain to beginners. If you are not used to weeding, it will increase your heart rate and blood pressure. This can cause various problems, such as panic attacks, increased pain, and increased blood flow, which brings us back to the problem of bleeding everywhere when drinking. However, if you smoke regularly, you are unlikely to have any of these reactions. You will usually have a higher tolerance and will know exactly which strain to use.

If you want to smoke before inking, make sure to use the correct strain. You want something that is often used as an analgesic and ideally does not have a particularly strong effect. The purpose of pre-smoking is to relieve pain, not to become excited. Ideally, you want something heavy in CBD so that you can basically stay fully awake, but not feel such a small hot needle. Choosing something too spiritual may make the whole experience less enjoyable. In the final inspection of the design, you also want to stay as awake as possible before applying it to your body permanently.

If you know what you are doing, understand your stress and understand your tolerance, then smoking before getting a tattoo may be a good idea. Many people find it can help them relax more, which in turn can help them stay still. If you are afraid of tattoos or needles, then it can make the whole experience more enjoyable. In fact, many people on the Internet swear to smoke before getting a tattoo. Some people say it even makes the tattoo process feel good. If you are a heavy smoker but have never had a tattoo before, you may be able to get something small when you are awake to understand how it feels, and then try something more intense and a little bit rocky at the same time.

If you are unfamiliar with weeds, unfamiliar with tattoos, and not sure which pressure is best for you, it may be better to try to be sober. The last thing you want to do is accidentally increase your anxiety, sensitivity and blood flow. In addition, if you accidentally become too high, you may end up feeling that you have been sitting for a few hours in slow painful torture, and this is only a line segment of one and a half hours???? You may also make a mistake in the design, omit some important information in the nursing information, or who knows. If this is your first or second tattoo and you usually don’t smoke too much, I would advise you not to do it.

Personally, I got a spine tattoo yesterday and it feels basically no problem. Although I have some tattoos and often smoke marijuana, I never smoked before getting the tattoo. Make sure you know what is best for you.

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