More documents considering retirement during the COVID-19 pandemic

More documents considering retirement during the COVID-19 pandemic


The survey results released on Thursday showed that as the labor market tightens, doctors’ salaries have increased, but salary increases are not expected to slow the wave of doctors’ retirement or leaving the field.

Doximity found that the average doctor’s salary increased by 3.8% in 2021, up from 1.5% in 2020 polling More than 46,000 doctors. But nearly half of the respondents said they are considering leaving the field, and 1% of the workforce has already retire early under pressure. COVID-19 pandemic.

Doximity Strategy Director Dr. Natalia Birgisson said: “When salaries increase, we have such a high percentage of doctors who retire early shows that the solution is not entirely salaries.” Reducing the administrative workload of doctors may increase retention, she said: “A lot Doctor burnout is because the doctor does not have enough time to take care of the patient.”

Although the salaries of all majors have increased in 2021, the benefits of small majors are the most significant. Preventive medicine physicians have the largest salary increase at 12.6%. Hematology, nuclear medicine, pediatric nephrology, occupational medicine and dental surgeons ranked second in salary increases.

But according to Doximity data, the pay gap between male and female clinicians has not improved in the past three years. Female doctors earn 28% less than male doctors, which is equivalent to approximately US$123,000 per year. The pay gap between nurse practitioners and physician assistants is much smaller and has fallen to around 10%.

“I think this is a potential call to action, requiring male and female doctors to realize that we can do more for each other,” Birgisson said.

Healthcare staff are already dealing with Labor shortage Between doctors, nurses, technicians and others.farther loss May make patients wait longer for care.

The survey shows that part of the reason for pay discrimination is that more female doctors are exhausted than male doctors. 44% of female doctors Under investigation Merritt Hawkins said in 2019 that gender discrimination led them to seek another practice environment, and nearly one-third said it led them to consider early retirement.

“Sex discrimination is not just a challenge to individual doctors,” said Travis Singleton, Merritt Hawkins’ executive vice president. “When it reduces the overall supply of doctors, it becomes a public health problem.”

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