How to see the longest full moon cold moon of the year this Saturday Living science

Scientists found water ice under the “Grand Canyon” of Mars Spacenet

Transparent butterfly map highlights biodiversity hotspots in the Andes Phys.org


Lawyers who beat Shell predicts climate case will be “avalanche” Financial Times

War in the Sahel TLS. DecK: “How does climate change promote jihadistism.”

Float away and find Tei

After the boom in construction, about half of the oil pipeline space in the United States was empty Reuters (Re Silc).

#Coronavirus disease

The British “Financial Times” is ecstatic about South Africa’s reforms:

So if you think of “mild” as the low (er) ratio of death to case, you can say Omicron Absolute lunatic It is moderate (at the personal level of risk). If you think of “mild” as the absolute number of deaths (at the level of the healthcare system), then Omicron is not mild at all, no more than Delta or wild Covid. (Please note that the ratio of cases to deaths may change, depending on the incubation time of the virus; maybe we don’t know some deaths. However, the curves of cases and deaths are far apart.) And hospitals, of course, are overwhelmed by absolute numbers Instead of being overwhelmed by ratios.

* * *

The ivermectin arm of the PRINCIPLE trial is set aside Medical page. Deck: “The trial website cited a supply issue.” What a great one.

* * *

The definition of Omicron is getting clearer Eric Topol, the truth on the ground

It looks like Vax Vax Vax has completely collapsed:

Uh, all right.despite this.

* * *

The first to bear the brunt of the New York area is Omicron above the delta Bloomberg

Omicron dominates wastewater samples in Florida County Associated Press. Everyone knows:

* * *

The CDC advisory team is concerned about the rare side effects associated with Johnson & Johnson vaccine and prioritizes the approval of mRNA injections statistics

Risk of myocarditis, pericarditis, and arrhythmia associated with COVID-19 vaccination or SARS-CoV-2 infection nature. n = 38 million adults in England because they have a national healthcare system ffs. From the last paragraph of the discussion: “In summary, this population-based study quantified the risk of several rare cardiac adverse events associated with three COVID-19 vaccines and SARS-CoV-2 infection for the first time. After receiving the first dose of adenovirus and Within one week of the mRNA vaccine and after the second dose of the two mRNA vaccines, adult SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is associated with a slightly increased risk of myocarditis. In contrast, SARS-CoV-2 infection is associated with myocarditis and pericarditis. It is related to a significant increase in the risk of hospitalization or death due to arrhythmia.”

If large pharmaceutical companies only show them how to produce mRNA vaccines, 120 manufacturers in the south of the world may produce At these times


China’s regulatory crackdown will not turn around in 2022, but loose policies should boost investor spirit South China Morning Post

Hong Kong “Patriots Only” Election Ushers in a New Era of Low-Key Channel News Asia

The U.S. develops new software tools to predict actions that may arouse China’s anger Reuters. Oh.


Brinken said the U.S. will consider more measures in Myanmar and plan for an ASEAN summit Malaysia now


Researchers say NSO Group’s latest spyware is equivalent to national capabilities Cyber??Scoopx

CAIR is infiltrated by Islamophobic groups; claims to have ties to Israel Forever war


The Liberal Democrats win in North Shropshire, and Boris Johnson is hit hard Financial Times Constituency Details From the Daily Mail, Six days ago. “Now you won’t expand the rout/
Those lads who have run out of honor…”

New cold war

White House postpones military assistance to Ukraine Foreign policy

Russia submits a draft security agreement to the United States and is expected to conduct rapid negotiations Associated Press

Biden Administration

CFPB investigates lenders who buy now/pay later American Banker

Former FDA senior official accuses Biden administrator of “marginalizing” experts Hill

The obstruction of the debate (probably) reached its zenith on the issue of voting rights. This is what can happen. Wabo

Senate members reject the Democratic Party’s third immigration proposal Hill. Trick handcuffs. Dismiss congressmen and then govern.

Why did Biden’s cheerleaders CNN and the New York Times both turn to the president?Liberal media suggested that Biden should not stand in the election again and proposed a list of alternative presidential candidates Daily mail

Judge rejects Purdue Pharma’s comprehensive opioid settlement agreement Associated Press

supply chain

The history of metal boxes that disrupt the supply chain sound. The title is a textbook case of commodity fetishism.Box is a Box. For its part, it just sits there. It cannot “destroy” anything. In other words, this is an informative overview, especially about commercial relations (ie production relations that really cause damage). sound, also, The corner fittings are mentioned but the lashing is omitted!

The container volume of the Port of Oakland increased in November, while the Port of Los Angeles decreased Greek shipping news. “The container throughput of the Port of Los Angeles declined in November because the port handled more less than average non-scheduled ships to meet the strong demand during the peak season before the holiday.”

case Joffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein Mystery Roundtable: Six Experts Answer the Most Interesting and Dangerous Unsolved Questions New York Magazine

“Epstein has a precise plan”: How the only known picture of Prince Andrew and the pedophile happened Vanity Fair

Our famous free media

Bad reporters imitate. The great reporter steals:

(Towards Eliot.) One example after another.

Black injustice tipping point

Birmingham Barbershop-a place where men hate Comeback town. Although the editor wakes up the title, this is a personal history and it is well worth reading.

Empire Folding Watch

How comrades conspired to steal and sell U.S. Army weapons Associated Press

The Pentagon wants microorganisms to provide troops with air, water, and even garbage into protein Soldier’s) star badges and armbands. When I was a kid, you could buy meat anywhere! The eggs they eat, the real butter!

Class struggle

The Bearded One is close to memetic state:

This is what happens when workers cannot control their lives Jermel Bouye, now. It’s Edwardsville.

Tornado tore the roof of American capitalism Will Bunch, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Capitalists are optional, laborers are not Real world economics

Capitalism cannot end the pandemic Evil problem collaboration

* * *

Kellogg’s Grain Workers Union says it has reached a preliminary agreement Bloomberg

With the advent of winter, the steel workers escalated the crucial Yili labor struggle Payday report

Animation writers want parity with their real people Jacobin

Hiring! Scab:

Smartphones are the poor’s new tax wired

25 counter-imitation strategies for living a counter-cultural life Epsilon Theory

Antidote of the day. Please express your condolences to glaucus naïs:

My cat Mr. Kitty passed away suddenly this week. He is my best friend for 18 years, and he feels more like an extension of myself than a single person. Perhaps some readers can experience that feeling. Anyway, this is a photo, in my opinion, he looks like Peter Bruegel the old:

Peter Bruegel the Elder:

See yesterday’s link and antidote du Jour here.

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