Rarible integrates with Tezos blockchain and launches its own NFT series

Rarible integrates with Tezos blockchain and launches its own NFT series


The NFT market Rarible officially launched its integration with the proof-of-stake blockchain Tezos on Thursday afternoon. This cooperation will enable Rarible to display Tezos NFT on its market and support the secondary sales of real-time Tezos projects, while enabling users to cast low-cost NFTs.

The integration of Rarible and Tezos marks the third layer 1 blockchain supported by the platform, as well as the Dapper Labs blockchain networks Ethereum and Flow that support NBA Top Shot. According to Rarible CEO Alexei Falin told Cointelegraph, in the process of Rarible’s efforts to build a multi-chain platform to integrate the NFT space, the next step is the integration with Solana and Polygon:

“Rarible firmly believes that the future of NFT is cross-chain, and interoperability is the key to a simplified and successful NFT ecosystem. We have seen many alternative blockchains gaining attention in the NFT field due to their unique products, especially Tezos, Its low-cost and energy-saving casting process verified by proof of equity.”

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According to the company, the integration will take place in two phases.Users have been able to mint, buy and sell new Tezos NFT, as well as trade on the secondary market, from An in-game metaverse collection called Digits from Ubisoft, a traditional gaming organizationNext, Rarible plans to forge new collectibles through custom contracts and set royalties for imported collectibles that previously existed in Tezos.

Rarible and Tezos also launched their first NFT series, called Blazing Futures, curated by the founder of We Are Museums and Hic Et Nunc’s NFT mint Diane Drubay. Blazing Futures drops include exclusive works by 10 Tezos artists.

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Falin added that he hopes that “rare users will benefit from the enhanced experience in our market, while also enjoying the opportunity of a wider range of NFT projects that exist in the powerful Tezos network.”

The integration is achieved through the Rarible protocol, which is an NFT protocol managed by the open source cross-chain community run by Rarible.com.