Whether you are an experienced card game player, a collector of collectibles, or just starting to learn about NFT, Spellfire Re-Master the Magic is a game that will keep your eyes firmly in mind.

Created by a group of crypto developers, Spellfire is a blockchain-based collectible card game (CCG) that ultimately returns ownership to players in the form of NFT-based cards.

However, they also know that the nostalgia that many fans get from physical cards is an important part of the experience, so the game is designed to seamlessly blend real-world printed cards with their digital equivalents.

For now, Spellfire is a comprehensive package that manages to incorporate 30 years of history into the CCG suitable for today’s gamers. Whether you feel most comfortable on the desktop or in front of the monitor, there is always a way to play games that can be called home.

The recent interest in Spellfire has caused its fan base to grow rapidly, and its team now has a happy problem, that is, attracting hundreds of fans who are eager to learn more.Witnessed the launch of the project this week Game commentator, It talks to the audience through basic knowledge, from the character type to each unique stage of the game.

Those who are interested in building their first deck of cards will be happy to learn that future plans include the possibility of getting free introductory cards through participation Discord community activity.

Game NFT shows their true potential

The potential of gaming NFTs is beginning to emerge. In November, user spending on NFT game projects increased by 71%, and Play-to-Earn games now account for nearly 50% of all blockchain activities. Now, the NFT transaction volume of the game NFT has reached a staggering 1.08 billion U.S. dollars.

This brings us to Spellfires NFT. In a constantly changing industry, with new developments every day, Spellfire’s physical NFT is still unique in this field.

They are touchable, and each NFT card seamlessly blends its digital form with its physical equivalent. The value and power of each card can be increased by gaining experience in the game and upgrading them with Spellfire’s currency MAGIC tokens. Finally, special augmented reality cards help create a unique sense of immersion through spectacular visual effects, gestures and voice commands.

Outside sea There are currently 115 Prime Edition cards available for purchase, plus one glance Recently released content that lucky owners of game physical cards can expect to receive. The first thing to note is that each illustration is very detailed.

The artists obviously enjoyed the creative freedom they gained in the first release, and one can only imagine what they will get from here. The original NFT cards have been treated with holographic foils and finally flourished. These cards are expected to have a wide range of appeal to gamers and collectors alike.

More than just digital collectibles

Spellfire’s NFT is more than just a digital collectible. Although it is built on today’s technology, at its core, it retains the feeling that it brought to many CCG fans in the early 90s. Great importance is attached to retaining the satisfying experience of building powerful decks, implementing smart game plans, and outsmarting opponents in battle.

The team has ensured that there is no shortage of reasons to keep coming back. In addition to the “play to win” function detailed below, players can also compete with skilled opponents in high-stakes ranked games. By staking their NFT cards and MAGIC tokens, the winning players can get a bigger bonus.

Games earn money

As you might expect, CCG is firmly positioning itself in the “play to win” field, where players can expect to earn income from their favorite cards and playing their favorite games.

  • Purchasers of the original NFT card passively earn income by selling additional cards, retaining up to 90% of all profits.
  • Once the non-NFT card is upgraded to a sufficient level, it will become a Playing NFT card, allowing the owner to use the Play-2-Earn system.
  • The $128,000,000 MAGIC is used to distribute to the Spellfire community through tournaments and in-game achievements.

Although Spellfire has not yet been released, development is progressing steadily. When it is available for the public to play, CCG players around the world will have a new game built just for them.

By introducing exciting new gameplay and unique card mechanics not found elsewhere, Spellfire is ready to set the world on fire.

join in The magical world of Spellfire, Or go to Outside sea Start your collection.

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