Lambda256, the parent company of South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit, raised US$60 million in Series B financing »CryptoNinjas

Lambda256, the parent company of South Korean cryptocurrency exchange Upbit, raised US$60 million in Series B financing »CryptoNinjas


Lambda256, the blockchain division of South Korean fintech company Dunamu, announced today that it has received 60 million U.S. dollars (70 billion won) in Series B financing, and the company is valued at more than 300 million U.S. dollars.

This round of financing was supported by major Korean venture capital and investors, including Dunamu, Hanhwa Systems, Chong Kun Dang, Yanolja, Daelim, VTI Partners, DSC Investments, Shinhan Venture Capital, KB Investments and SBI Investments.

The company will use the latest round of funding to step up its efforts to further expand its expansion in the blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) field, where it has helped more than 3,300 corporate customers build, deploy and manage blockchain networks on a large scale. Blockchain Luniverse.

New investors Daelim, Shinhan Venture Capital, KB Investments and SBI Investments are customers and partners of a set of key solutions: DID, a blockchain-based digital identity management system, Luniverse NFT, a system for managing and casting NFTs, And Luniverse’s blockchain consortium chain.

Lambda256 was established in May 2018 as the blockchain R&D department of Upbit operator Dunamu, providing enterprise-level blockchains for enterprises in different industries. Recently, the company implemented its proprietary NFT technology for Upbit NFT-designed to provide an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly alternative to NFT, and is a creator whose primary consideration is sustainable development.

In August 2021, the company also launched VerifyVASP, a regulatory solution designed to ensure data integrity through the full compliance of VASP and its customers. Since the integration, Luniverse has become a trusted and regulated platform for more than 3,300 institutions.

Luniverse provides a diversified portfolio of solutions for interdisciplinary companies, including the Indonesian rupiah-based stablecoin (IDRT) project, the borderless financial platform Gluwa, the blockchain-based loyalty reward program Milk, Stockplus Unlisted, and Dunamu’s private stock trading Platform, and Division Network, a metaverse platform.

“The effectiveness of blockchain in helping companies build trust and transparency with customers across the ecosystem is now a foregone conclusion. The latest round of investment proves the powerful technology we have established. With this funding, we are now on the path to realizing talent The library diversifies and accelerates our block link diagram on a clear path into various global ecosystems.”
– Jay Jaehyun Park, CEO of Lambda256

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