Health Technology


Health technology infrastructure startup Innovaccer today announced its US$150 million E-series and a newly allocated US$3.2B valuation. I let CEO Abhinav Shashank obtain basic information on how the company pursues the holy grail of healthy IT: Single The patient’s health record.

This is a story about the application of cloud technology in the healthcare field. In terms of industry-wide adoption, the healthcare industry lags behind other industries such as banking and retail. Abhinav tells us that “economic incentives” finally make the cloud really take off in the healthcare field, because the technology is a vertical rather than transactional model for any care, and for patients with clinical data, laboratories, scans, and claims for those who take more risks. Healthcare organizations are crucial.

So, what exactly does Innovaccer do? What is the job and how do they get paid? Who can access their data logged into “Innovaccer Health Cloud”? Will patients one day be able to access this single record by themselves? And, what prevents Epic or Cerner from doing this and fully owning the space? No details are omitted from this detail-for the benefit of those of us who are not familiar with the IT foundation of EHR-Abhinav understands in a way that even non-technical health technology market observers can break it down for us!


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