“If we want to deal with climate change, we want them to go bankrupt… right?”

“If we want to deal with climate change, we want them to go bankrupt… right?”


A short description Say what you already know and what no one will tell you when the headlights are on-if climate is your problem, Biden is also your enemy, and he is not a weak person.

The new Substack site from climate expert Brad Johnson, Hill Heat (Emphasis on the original text):

Bankruptcy Politics FTW: Green New Deal Progress Sol OmarovaBe nominated as Currency Supervisor (Thus becoming one of the top banking regulators) has been tank A group of upper corporatist Democratic senators on the Banking Committee–Mark Warner (Virginia), Jon Tester (Mont.), and Kirsten Cinema (Arizona)-with the support of Fracker John Hickenlooper (Colorado) and Mark Kelly (Arizona).

The big banks hate Omarova’s nominations because she has expressed the need for actual supervision of them.To make matters worse, she wants government officials to be responsible for any future relief, not Black stone or Black stone. Bank Cheer for members Banking Commission. The Republicans are happy to have defeated”Comrade Omarova“Because I grew up in Kazakhstan in the Soviet Union and wanted to restrict the business of big banks, but the Democrats needed a different public excuse to pursue Biden’s nomination. It turns out that it was her focus on climate that helped Democrats eat dessert. [sic] she.

The “trap” moment comes from interview In February, when she talked about fossil fuel companies, she said:

At least, if we want to deal with climate change, we want them to go bankrupt, right?

It turns out that if “we” includes the US Senate, then the answer is no.

Unsurprisingly, Republicans attacked her on this sentence. Democrats like Tester, who are friendly to fossils, also joined in. Omarova apologized repeatedly, but the damage had already been done.

Earlier in the same newsletter, Johnson pointed out:

This Biden White House Brings carbon capture and storage experts Sally Benson, Served as the newly established “Associate Director of Energy and Chief Strategist of Energy Transition” in the Stanford Energy Project funded by the oil and gas industry Energy Division of Office of Science and Technology Policy.

Benson helped Stanford earn US$20 million each Exxon Mobil and shell(But only $12.5 comes from All) The turkey in recent years is like this:

“Stanford’s innovators value the support and expertise of companies such as Exxon Mobil and Bank of America because we are all working hard to help create the next energy era.”

Then there is the recent insult…

The Biden administration reopens all oil and gas leases in the Gulf of Mexico

…From the candidate who spoke beautiful words to you to be elected, just like he fancied “Climate change plan“(Emphasize):

On the first day, Biden will use the full power of the executive branch to make progress and significantly reduce emissions. Biden recognizes that we must go further, faster, and more positively than ever before, through… Prohibition of obtaining new oil and gas permits on public lands and waters [and] Modify royalties to account for climate costs

As we have said many times, Biden is equally destructive to the climate Just like Trump. But as an alternative to being friendly to the Democratic Party, he won the mainstream media’s approval.

Keep going, guys. We won’t get help from anyone but ourselves.

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