Funganomics announces the launch of the Premier P2E NFT role on Saturday, December 18th – Press Release Bitcoin News

Funganomics announces the launch of the Premier P2E NFT role on Saturday, December 18th – Press Release Bitcoin News



Press release. One of the most anticipated NFT characters in the Play2Earn space will soon be released on Fungatopia®. In fact, Saturday, December 18, 2021 will be a day in history when Funganomics® will release their first premier NFT role in their brand new market.

NFT character drop is a huge benchmark event, you can see a collection of 10,000 powerful characters, these characters have utility in its main game products Funganomics Ultimate Showdown (or FUS) And the public utility of various other future game products. The drop itself is composed of 8 characters (4 heroes and 4 opponents), each of which has a variety of wonderful characteristics; the limited number available for casting depends on the character you assign, and you need a character to replace it Your position in their FUS P2E game.They are beautifully designed, have impressive future utility in their technology, and represent the refreshing difference in the Play2Earn space in both aesthetics and function. The character itself has written an excellent background story from jovial to sinister.The entire 8-character array has been well thought out, and we strongly recommend that you look at their FUS character profile in the company’s white paper document website. The reading is very interesting and it is guaranteed to bring one or two laughs.

Founder CEO Jeremy Roberts (Jeremy Roberts) once said: “We are about to kick off the velvet curtain and launch our NFT platform Fungatopia® and an incredible 10,000 exciting characters on December 18th. We know this is what our member community has been waiting patiently for, so we are facing Under the pressure of this NFT character to give up something truly special. I am happy to announce that the entire 10,000 mintable series is ready for release. They will not disappoint.”

You can get your NFT character from Saturday and relax, because you can also participate in the FUS game released in early 2022.

Funganomics® seems to be creating a craze, as potential investors flock to it, and everyone is eager to have a bite in the upcoming FUS meal.If the current benchmark is passable, then it is just close friend Compared with the whales that might swim after the NFT character drops in their debut. Their pre-sales will continue with the first drop, so thankfully it’s not too late to participate – and at the right time.

The decline in the role of Funganomics® NFT on December 18th will witness another important benchmark for the realization of the company’s documented roadmap.






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