Ultimate Stoner Christmas Movie

Ultimate Stoner Christmas Movie


It’s December, and because I can, I’m going to fully enter the Christmas content. I also have many wonderful seasonal movies to watch when you are excited. Since I cannot see my family this year, like many people I imagined, I will spend an orphaned stone-throwing Christmas with my friends. We will definitely see some Christmas classics and some little-known and very strange ones. movie of. These are just some of my personal favorites. You may disagree with me, but you are not writing this article, I am, so please shut up and enjoy this list of the ultimate Stoner Christmas movies.

Muscle Santa

If you don’t know this movie, please fasten your seat belt and prepare for the most absurd and perfect Christmas movie ever. The muscular Santa is starred by the Hulk Hogan. He starts the story as an evil millionaire. He only cares about one thing, money. However, after an accident left him with amnesia, he was convinced that he was Santa Claus. Obviously, hilarity is coming, and I really believe that there is no better Christmas movie to watch at climax, especially when you have friends on vacation. The film was produced in 1996 and was shown in cinemas for two full weeks. Interestingly, this is not a huge success, but people just don’t know how great it is. Okay, I think it’s technically bad, but in that case, you can’t stop watching it. If there is a movie I will insist on showing it in this year’s Christmas film archive, it is “Santa with Muscles”. He is really Santa Claus, he has muscles, that’s almost all, I like it.

Bad santa

I just can’t hate anything that involves Billy Bob Thornton. That man is strange and funny, strangely sexy, and usually just a damn good actor. If you want something with a higher budget and usually a bit dirty, then this is your choice. Bad Santa is the story of a liar who pretends to be Santa Claus and his buddies and robs the shopping center on Christmas Eve. Then a troubled child came in and everything became a little abnormal. This movie is dirty, funny and ridiculous, very suitable for throwing stones. If you are a fan of American comedy, the cast is also impressive. It may not be worthy of an Oscar, but it is fun, but maybe not to watch with the family.

Polar Express

Okay, I know what you are thinking, but listen to me. The reason I included this completely bizarre movie on the list is that if you watch it throw stones, it will mess up your brain. The Uncanny Valley animation alone is enough to make you a little sideways. The interesting thing about this movie is that although the animation makes you unbelievable, the warm and fluffy story will fill you with joy. If you tend to get strong visual effects while smoking, this may be avoided, because I really find the almost human faces of those children very disturbing.

Airplane train and car

Let me first say that this movie is one of my favorite movies for Christmas, because it reminds me of how lucky we are to have John Candi on this earth. This is one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. It tells the story of two extremely opposed men played by John Candie and Steve Martin, who finally traveled home to the United States for Christmas together after the flight was cancelled. They hate each other, love each other, it will make you laugh, trust you, I will make you cry. I don’t care who you are you will cry in this movie, especially if you are tall. If you are a fan of comedy in the 80s, this is definitely one of the best movies in the industry, and it is also a truly warm Christmas movie. I promise you will notice some scenes that you have seen in other media.

Arthur Christmas

If you want an animated movie that does not give you a nightmarish feeling, then I recommend Arthur Christmas. This is the ultimate version of British animation that feels good and fun. It is starred by actors such as James McAvoy, Hugh Laurie, Bill Nye, Imelda Staunton, Jim Broadbent, and many others. This is a movie that is technically suitable for children, but has a lot of adult jokes and really funny moments. The animation is cute, the plot is wonderful, and the dubbing is spectacular. If I had to choose my favorite Christmas animation movie of all time, it would be this movie. To be honest, it is very high in my overall top Christmas movies. Blow and snuggle together, this movie will make you feel like a cup of fresh hot chocolate on a cold night.

A very Harold and Kumar Christmas

The list of Stoner Christmas movies would not be complete without one of the most famous Stoner franchise Christmas movies of all time. This companion movie tells the story of Harold, the stone friend played by John Joe, and Kumar, played by Carl Penn. This story happened after their Guantanamo Bay adventure, so maybe it can be watched before Christmas. Basically, Harold’s father-in-law has a prize Christmas tree. I think you can probably figure out what will happen from there. This movie is fun and easy to watch, and it is really designed for people who have been stoned. It also has outstanding actors such as Patton Oswald, Neil Patrick Harris and Danny Trejo. After anything happened on that Christmas tree, friends had to reunite before they could go out to find alternatives. Things start from there, but I will not give up anything else. Another great movie suitable for watching with a group of friends, a few joints and lots of Christmas snacks.

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