The Best Gift for Stoners: Part 2

The Best Gift for Stoners: Part 2


We are back with the second part of our list of the best gifts. Christmas is approaching and it is actually disturbing, so it is time to finally start thinking about what to buy for people. Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or a guilt gift for an acquaintance, because even if you don’t really establish that relationship, they won’t stop giving you gifts every year, but you didn’t say anything the first time, so now it’s just It keeps happening. In the last part, we introduced interesting cannabis products and some more practical gadgets for the discerning stone man. Let’s take a look at some other options for other types of weed-loving friends and family.


Cooking with weeds is not only fun, but it can really become a major hobby. You can do many different things with weeds in the kitchen. So if someone in your life likes cooking with cannabis, or happens to like cannabis and cooking separately, this might be the best category for you.

Instant reading thermometer

One of the important aspects of cooking with weeds is keeping the temperature just right. If there is a problem with the temperature department, you may spoil the flavor and effect of the delicacy, making it both disgusting and meaningless. This gift is perfect for friends or family members who are already involved in cannabis cooking and want to promote their friends or family.

Brewing machine

This is definitely a bigger ticket item for close friends or family, but it is also such an amazing gift for kitchen lovers. The filling machine requires a lot of work to inject oil, butter or whatever they use for baking and cooking. This particular model comes with all the necessary bits and pieces and a great little cookbook. It looks great and is highly recommended and received great reviews. If you have been searching online to find the perfect gift for that very special person, then that’s it, if some of you want something special, that’s great.


Stephanie Hua’s Food

This lovely book full of delicious baked goods may be one of the most popular recipes right now. For the stone man in your life who likes to bake but is tired of making the same chocolate cakes and biscuits. Edibles is full of wonderful ideas and recipes that can take any weed lover’s baking game to the next level. A cute and cheap gift idea, suitable for close friends and acquaintances.

Jeff the 420 Chef’s 420 Gourmet

If you know someone wants to try something different, this may be the best book on the market. This leads to staying away from the specification of weed baking and into the weed cuisine. Most of the time, we treat foods as baked goods because they are easy to make and easy to transport, but in reality, you can make anything with hemp. Since you are only injecting one basic ingredient, you can add weeds to a variety of amazing recipes. If you know someone who thinks a bit like a chef, or even a professional chef, and likes to smoke, then I recommend this book.

Hemp cosmetics

Nowadays, there are many great cannabis cosmetics, and you can find almost anything you need. This part is for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation, not just fun new methods. In addition to giving your brain a cute little tick, the cannabis plant has a lot more to offer.

Kush Queen’s bare CBD tincture

It’s actually difficult for this great company to pick a product. I suggest you browse their full website to see all the amazing options, including bath bombs, cosmetics, lotions, lubricants, etc. This special tincture is designed to help you sleep well while improving the quality and texture of your skin. All the comments were very favorable and talked about how much this tincture has had an impact on the quality of sleep for customers.

Vena CBD’s Total Hy Gel Mask

This mask is on many lists of the best hemp cosmetics, I just need to research it. Obviously, this mask makes your skin soft and hydrated, which is perfect for treating redness or inflammation. This product is vegan and all-natural, and contains rosehip oil, hyaluronic acid, lychee and CBD. Therefore, it is not only good for the skin, but also great for stress. It is famous at this time of the year. All the reviews discuss the moisturizing and lightness of the mask, which is very useful for those who feel that the normal mask is too irritating, too fragrant or too heavy.

Use Calm SexyHair to remove hair before shampooing

This company has a complete set of CBD hair care products, which are widely circulated on the Internet. Many shampoos and conditioners you can buy from stores are too irritating for ordinary scalp. This is why so many people deal with irritation or dandruff, especially if you have dyed hair. This pre-shampoo treatment removes all dirt from the hair and restores health to the scalp before cleaning. If you go to the roots, this can also help deal with soft or flat hair that is held down by the old product.

Om’s Himalayan Kush Mineral Salt

The final product is the ultimate gift for the stressed person in your life. A person who tried to make the holiday suitable for other people only ended up pulling their hair out. These bath salts are incredibly soothing, pure and natural, and very suitable for relieving all kinds of discomfort and muscle pain. Overall, OM is an excellent company that provides cute soothing bath and skin products based on hemp, so you can also check their inventory.

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