Playing the SIDUS HEROES demo made me look forward to the game release in January – Metaverse Bitcoin News

Playing the SIDUS HEROES demo made me look forward to the game release in January – Metaverse Bitcoin News


SIDUS HEROES is the first WebGL, AAA, instant-to-play, NFT and MMORPG game ever created by an experienced technology company with more than 200 full-time employees and many successful projects. When technological progress reaches the level of integration with all living things, the game is set in the space meta-universe. All characters belong to one of several blockchain races and reflect the strongest attributes of the chain. The game provides users with a variety of game scenarios: interstellar exploration, battles and settlements, as well as space for political, social and economic development.

Introduction and details

Sidu Hero Use WebGL-based game graphics engine. The graphics engine enables unparalleled high-definition rendering quality in a compatible web browser. Users don’t need to download any applications to their PC or mobile phones, and don’t need to wait for games to download, install updates, or worry about storage. Players only need to enter the URL of the game, and the game will be restored from the metadata saved with their profile and stored on the NFT.

SIDUS is one of the largest collaborations in the NFT field. Dozens of professionals from different fields and a large number of their supporters gathered to support this idea.

SIDUS HEROES game graphics engine is based on Babylon.js, which is a JavaScript cross-browser framework using WebGL API. The SIDUS team maximized the functionality of the framework and combined it with uniquely designed materials and multi-stage cross-software pipelines to create models.

The SIDUS HEROES team successfully launched a demo (pre-alpha v0.01) version of the game, available in

On January 10, 2022, they will launch a closed beta version of SIDUS HEROES. This version is only available for NFT Heroes NFT holders in the Genesis series.

On January 23, 2022, they will release a public beta version of the game. At this time, NFT holders in the Genesis and Academy collections will be able to use the SIDUS HEROES game. The Academy series will be on sale in mid-December 2021.

Browser game, what do you say?

In a world of players spoiled by professional game consoles, powerful PCs and state-of-the-art visual effects, I have become accustomed to downloading random 100GB games from Steam without being completely shocked. This is just the norm now. That’s why I can’t believe what I see here is a browser game.

seriously? My memory of browser games is those tiny pixelated games embedded in social feeds or low-resolution simple card games (like poker). I went to the official website of SIDUS, clicked on the small “demo” tab, and the pre-alpha game demo was loaded, and that’s it. Although because my laptop is weak, it loads at a sad 15fps. But even so, it still looks super impressive in some way.

The demonstration is a brief experience in an alien spacecraft or a power station, surrounded by metal structures. In the center of the space is a small arena. Metal bridges connect the outer edge to the center stage from different directions. Blue and yellow flashing lights reflect on the floor from above, with moving shadows. The huge rotating wheel below the central arena reveals a powerful source of power below. All of this is presented through a simple browser tab, which is incredible.

In a short demonstration, I was able to move my character in space, collect a team member next to it, assign a total of 12 attribute points in four areas (strength, endurance, agility and perception), and start a 2v2 battle with another Two alien soldiers are in the arena.

Playing the SIDUS HEROES demo made me look forward to the game release in January
Is it the only one who pays attention to the shadow of my hero?

SIDUS: NFT in the NFT Heroes series is the ticket to the game. The game characters are visually different from the NFT in the SIDUS: NFT hero series.

SIDUS: The gorgeous and gorgeous style of the NFT Heroes series amazes me. Each one resembles Klimt’s world-famous painting “Kiss”, with sharp contrasts in colors, strange and powerful costumes, rich in details and mixed textures, and the background is a completely strange planet full of mystery and temptation. These are the types of NFT illustrations that I like to frame and hang on the wall of my workplace.Glad to buy one for myself, i clicked Outside sea And saw the price tag-it’s too rich for my blood.

Playing the SIDUS HEROES demo made me look forward to the game release in January

Ah, heroes!

The original SIDUS: NFT hero series contains 6,000 unique characters. Obviously, I have missed it. It is great to see that the heroes on display all have Spock-style “longevity and prosperity” gestures (albeit with their left hands). I personally like this style very much. It combines the sharpness of science fiction and the softness of canvas painting to make the characters look like (very expensive) superhero comics.

Playing the SIDUS HEROES demo made me look forward to the game release in January
“Healthy and Longevity·Prosperity”

There is no doubt that the designers of NFT heroes have invested a lot of money in character changes and customization. On OpenSea, The SIDUS: NFT Heroes has as many as 13 features, making each feature as unique as possible. This is why when I scroll down a long list of heroes, I don’t feel any repetition, as if they were mass-produced, template-generated characters.

Among the 13 traits, there are 133 different choices for background alone, 152 choices for clothes, 102 variations on the planet, and even 262 choices for skin. This unusual feature and choice largely contributes to the richness of each character: from a six-eyed alien on a velvet planet with wings and feathers, holding purple crystals, and high-rise buildings. , To an alien woman with a blue skull face, a poisonous spider hung on her helmet, and a mysterious rose-colored potion in her hand, standing on a golden-red desert planet, and meteors falling from the night sky.

Playing the SIDUS HEROES demo made me look forward to the game release in January

The hero’s background setting is funny: Residents from the independent city Sidus of 12 blockchain planetary systems: Bitcoione, Etheredus, Binaxima Sentauri Cybele, Solantrum, Avalanya, Polygopu??s, Huoris Helvetios, Polkacyon, Cardaggar, Tronguan, Ripplatan Centricus And Cosmerer. The name alone has proved the unity and diversity of the blockchain game Metaverse. I actually browsed the entire planetary system list just to check if there is a blockchain planetary system called “Dogeconia”. If there is, I want to make sure to access it in the game.

From the website, I can see that I can take many types of actions against my (future) heroes, including forming my team, fighting against peers, fighting in alliances, participating in politics, farming, trading, and even guilds. keep a pet. But what fascinates me most is to explore the meta-universe: travel through the universe, visit different galaxies, and learn about their culture. I think every player will find his own interest and fun in such a diverse metaverse game. I hope that a one-on-one duel will not kill a character-after all, everyone is worth a fortune.

Now I am very excited about the game release in January and the launch of the Academy series.

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