Link 12/14/2021 | Naked Capitalism

Link 12/14/2021 | Naked Capitalism



Finland: The architect’s fleeting lake art is a winter tradition Associated Press (David L)

Anonymous sent $100 to the Minnesota school library 64 years after losing the book Twin Cities (Chuck L)

The best science pictures of 2021 Natural (hairy)

Rosetta Stone: The secret to unlocking ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs HistoryExtra (David L)

Researchers hope to “hear” dark matter through ultra-cold experiments Small invention

These sustainable lights are made of coffee and orange peel! Yanke Design (David L)

Refined peptides target the root cause of Parkinson’s disease New Atlas (David L)

Coronavirus disease

South Korea will test AI-driven facial recognition to track COVID-19 cases Reuters


“Mild” ends here. We say that no meaningful things have happened before the hospitalization of children aged 0-9 in South Africa, which is a bad sign. According to Danish data, remember that the infection wave first hit younger age groups (they are out and more), so this makes this early detection even more disturbing:

Oxford University study says omicron can combat double vaccination NBC Finance Channel. If you have been following Omicron, old news, but Oxford is a good source to inform/convince skeptics.


The Premier League has reported 42 Covid-19 positive results in the past week British Broadcasting Corporation (resilc)

The first person died in the British variant of Omicron Reuters. Resilc: “It’s mild, just like the flu… April will end… Where have I heard of it before?”

The NHS raised the alert to the highest level as Omicron cases in the UK jumped by 50% to nearly 5,000 in 24 hours, and Boris confirmed the first death from the mutant strain-but as the booster fell into chaos on the first day, daily Covid infections The total rose by only 6% to 54,661 Daily Mail (resilc). From the story:

The death in the United Kingdom is believed to be the first confirmed death of Omicron in the world. However, given that this variant constitutes almost every case in South Africa, the vast majority of deaths there are likely to be caused by the variant, but due to lack of testing, these cases have not been detected.

The Conservative Party’s participation in Alpha Covid Variant’s party is a symbol of their grim response to the pandemic Counterattack


Deprived Missouri Health Department Abandons COVID Health Measures Technology Chuck L: “Society collapses.”

Native American communities are under attack by Covid, exacerbating long-term inequality guardian

The Air Force fired 27 soldiers for refusing to accept the Covid-19 vaccine CNN

Coronavirus has turned a rural county into a battlefield for millionaires Atlantic (David L)

COP28/climate change

Ice shelf stopped key Antarctic glacier within years of failure Science (David L)

Russia prevents the UN from seeing climate as a security threat New York Times (Kevin W)

How rising groundwater caused by climate change is destroying coastal communities MIT Technology Review

How to end climate failure Syndicate Project (David L)


Anthony Brinken criticized China’s “aggression” in the Indo-Pacific region database

End our company’s dependence on China Bystander (hairy)

Old Brady

The Johnson Administration took office for two years: the situation is worse than you think Daily mashed potatoes

Raab claims that comprehensive reforms of the human rights law will counter “political correctness” The Guardian (Kevin W)

New cold war

How to avoid war in Ukraine Defense one (resilc). How about not kicking the sand into the bear’s face?


Discover the city of David Aeon

Construction of Gaza Concentration Camp in Israel is completed Mondoweiss (guurst)

Israel’s alleged attack on Syria’s chemical weapons base aims to maintain the old balance of power Haaretz

Big brother is watching you

Israel’s NSO Group considers selling or shutting down Pegasus devices Financial Times (David L). It can’t happen to a better group of people.

Ukraine arrested 51 people for selling data on 300 million people in the U.S. and EU Beep computer

Empire Folding Watch

This air force is targeting AI and believes it has a 90% success rate. It’s more like 25% Defense one (resilc)


Your man returns to the public gallery: Assange’s extradition, US appeal results Craig Murray (guurst)


Investigators said Meadows said that the National Guard would be there on January 6 to “protect pro-Trump people.” Hill (resilc)

“We are all helpless:” On January 6, the committee revealed the text of the frightened legislator, begging Mark Meadows to let Trump stop the violence in the Capitol. Business insider

trump card

Coming soon: Donald “Godfather” Trump, Part Two Al Jazeera (resilc)

Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly incident reportedly failed in Florida Yahoo (furry). Therefore, the reality seems to be that despite the Dem team and the media hyping the danger of Hair Furore’s return, in terms of attractiveness, as Bill and Hillary have shown, he is still a cliché.


Harris launches electric vehicle charging network plan Mountain (Kevin W). So why does she want to invade Mayo Pitt’s turf?

Vice President Harris receives new investment from companies such as Pepsi-Cola and Cargill to promote the Central American strategy Reuters. Lambert published another news report on this, um, development yesterday. The United States, which holds a reserve currency, is offering foreign aid? What do these companies want back? Resilc: “Oh, why not bring back the United Fruit Slave Plantation?”

Research says that Biden’s “Rebuild Better” plan may double the cost of childcare and impose a tax of up to $30,000 on middle-class families. Daily mail


Police say gun-obsessed teenagers planned a violent “rebellion” at Pennsylvania High School Daily beast (hairy). Admirer of Columbine.

Wild Far West: Woman was shot and killed while buying bread in a bakery in Thessaloniki Defend democracy. The title is actually Greece: a country that has been defeated, a society that is disintegrating. An unexplained shooting incident sounded the clarion call in Greece. Since the beginning of the global financial crisis, Greece’s former family support system has been settled. Here, this will hardly become news.

The survey shows that American consumers believe that the short-term inflation rate is twice the increase in wages Reuters

Cars also like the “bus only” lanes:

Argentine inflation experts advise nervous Americans Bloomberg (resilc)

California’s public pension is a major fossil fuel investor Bloomberg (Jospeh R)

Investors believe that future demand peaks will occur furtherOil price


Watch these money launderers use social media to recruit prostitutes Boing Boing (resilc)

Natwest fined 264 million pounds after depositing money laundered cash in trash bags The Guardian (Kevin W). The shadow of Midland Bank…

Class struggle

Behind the labor shortage: physical and mental health issues Axios (resilc)

“At 75, I still have to work”: Millions of Americans cannot retire guardian

Antidote of the day. From Bob H, late to add this! “Betsy and her cat Henry.” Henry’s terrible evolution:

And bonus (resilc):

See yesterday’s link and antidote du Jour here.

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