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New Omicron infection in the UK is running 200,000 per dayAccording to estimates by the British Health and Security Agency, this dwarfs the number of officially confirmed cases.

This number makes Boris Johnson’s pledge to provide all eligible adults in England with a booster shot of the Covid-19 vaccine by the end of the year.

But NHS leaders expressed doubts that this stretched health service could achieve this goal, which will require it to break the record of 756,000 single-day jabs since March for the rest of this year.

Yesterday, the number of Omicron cases confirmed by genome sequencing was approximately 4,700. However, UKHSA estimates that the true number of daily infections is much higher based on its model.

The movement threatened Increase the backlog of non-urgent care According to a study by the Financial Times, the NHS in England has not been able to increase the number of patients it treats fast enough.

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1. Israel’s NSO Group considers selling or closing Pegasus Spyware maker Military-grade malware According to two people familiar with the matter, the company condemned by human rights groups is considering selling the company or closing its Pegasus division.

2. Apple is under investigation for alleged retaliation against whistleblowers The U.S. Department of Labor is investigation The iPhone manufacturer claimed that it retaliated against employee Ashley Gjovik, a former senior engineering project manager who complained about harassment and unsafe working conditions in the workplace.

3. European natural gas prices are rising European natural gas futures Soaring 11% Yesterday, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock stated that the current form does not allow the Beixi 2 pipeline because it does not comply with EU law. She said the situation on the Ukrainian border was “also a factor”, where Russia had assembled about 100,000 troops.

4. NatWest fined 265 million pounds for failing money laundering London Court fine The Royal Bank of Scotland subsidiary admitted that it failed to prevent a £365 million money laundering plan, which involved a £700,000 money laundering plan, which involved a £700,000 trash can, which was the British Financial Conduct Authority’s response to a British lender The first criminal prosecution.

5. The eight largest banks in the UK pass the Bank of England stress test The Bank of England said yesterday that the bank can withstand a nearly three-fold increase in the national unemployment rate, a sharp drop in real estate prices and a sharp economic contraction. Clean health list It has been nearly two years since the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus Digest

  • This British Fitness industry call”Emergency financial package“Because working from home threatens the crucial January registration period for the gym.

  • Omicron will become Dominant coronavirus variants exist Denmark This week, epidemiologists said that this has caused cases to rise to record levels.

  • Japanese company The latest quarterly survey by the Bank of Japan shows that they are confident in the country’s economy.But analysts warn that the Tankan survey is Before Executives have already considered Omicron.

  • View: It’s time for the hotel industry to accept Covid-19 passes to make ends meet during the holiday season. Helen Thomas wrote.

  • Financial Times view: The turmoil in the UK government will complicate further Covid restrictions, but Boosters are part of the answer To Omron.

the day before

British Labor Statistics Expected Strong numbers Since the end of the vacation plan in September, there is no evidence today that the unemployment rate has risen. The US core producer price index will also be announced.

Federal Reserve Meeting The U.S. Central Bank began the last interest rate setting meeting of this year, and it is expected to discuss Speed ??up and reduce irritation program.

Parliament voted on “Plan B” Boris Johnson facing The biggest backseat rebellion He voted in the UK to pass new coronavirus restrictions, which include requiring Covid-19 certification in places with large crowds.

income As shoppers return to stores, online grocer Ocado’s sales growth has slowed compared to last year, and Pepco, a discount retailer listed in Warsaw, has vaccination rates in its main markets lower than the EU average. Report earningsPurplebricks, the largest online real estate agency in the UK, also released its half-year results.

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Crucial moments for the European Central Bank The European Central Bank sounds more dovish than most central banks.But scarred by criticisms of premature interest rate hikes in the past, the European Central Bank is Unwilling to withdraw support After struggling for many years with low inflation and slow growth.

Ghislaine Maxwell experiment reveals the class divide The course runs through the story of the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Its center is Maxwell, Socialite with an Oxford educationWitnesses said that when they were young and poor, they lured them into a world beyond their imagination.

An undated photo shows Jeffrey Epstein and Gislain Maxwell.The prosecutor enters evidence this month

An undated photo shows Jeffrey Epstein and Gislain Maxwell.Prosecutors used it as evidence this month © U.S. Attorney’s Office/Handout/Reuters

The specter of war threatens U.S. dominance The Joe Biden administration is facing military crises in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. In general, they are the biggest challenge to U.S. global power since the end of the Cold War. Gideon Rahman wrote.

Need to be free from screen time?There is an app Seeking peace on a smartphone is an abnormal endeavor. However, digital health has always been a pandemic success story. Mindfulness startups seem to be a profitable solution to the problems caused by the technology industry. Elaine Moore wrote.

Yield curve: why investors pay close attention For some investors, the so-called flattening is an ominous sign that the pandemic’s rebound can last.Use our Interactive chart Explore the meaning of the yield curve and find out different yield curves sound like.


The answer to the rapid growth of fast fashion is Custom-made goodsWhile ready-made goods may be cheaper, customized clothes can be more sustainable and easier to buy than ever. The founder of footwear brand Malone Souliers said: “This is the newest and most updated form of luxury.”

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